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Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Hot Topic: Twitter’s New Message Button
Twitter added a new button that will allow customers to send private messages to a business using their website instead of tweeting. Read how it works here.

Facebook’s New Debut
Facebook launched a new computer vision tool on Thursday to interpret images pixel by pixel. This tool will be able to detect, delineate, and label objects in an image.

Instagram and Depression
Researchers have found that reusing certain filters on Instagram can be linked with depression. See what filters to avoid.

Becoming An Online Influencer
Engage in online and offline networking, stay on top of breaking news in your industry, and read everyday are just a few of the 25 tips to follow to becoming an online influencer.

Favorite New Apps
Check out Refinery29’s favorite new apps to download including Nike + Run club, Sky Tripping, and many more.


The Most Wearable Fall Trends In 2016

Summer season will soon come to an end. Before you even get the time to update your fall wardrobe and make the necessary changes, the weather will begin to get cooler, making way for a heavier knit fabrics, boots and accessories. Are you ready to welcome yet another season this year? We have got the latest and the most wearable trends of the fall lined up especially for you. Wear them separately or layer them in a stylish way this fall, we leave that choice up to you. So, let’s get going!

The velvety velvet
Velvet is one such fabric that brings out the colors in an amazing way. Therefore, on the runways it was an absolute delight to see so much of it with such intriguing designs. From prints to embroideries to simple cuts, with a soft touch and expressive texture they all looked mesmerizing. This fall, don’t shy away from this divine and luxurious fabric. Choose the pieces in bold red and deep oxblood tones along with the royal blues for the pantsuits to evening gowns. Do not be afraid to mix and match other fabrics with it, to create contrast and add depth to the outfit.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - velvet skirt

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The pantsuits
That’s right ladies. Suit up! Once, the idea of wearing a suit to work was all about business and no fun. Well, not any more. The runways for fall 2016 showcased some perfect looks for work to a gamut of relaxed looks with deconstructed jackets and fluid trousers. They will flaunt your style and your figure at the same time. To ease into this trend, give a navy blue matching tunic and trousers like Victoria Beckham’s a try. Or, for a casual look rock the orange and blue striped pant suit with a white crop top and a pair of sneakers.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - pant suits

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The micro pleated everything
Micro pleats in the soft material such as chiffon and silk are one of the top trends of the fall 2016, as opposed to the structured and wide ones. They drape beautifully and simultaneously which add a dramatic look. This fall, contrast these soft drapes of pleated skirts with a sweater top, hoodie or a slim fit knit shirt. Complete the look with your favorite high heels or sneakers along with the one of the best designer clutch bags. To combat a slightly cooler temperature, add a ruffled scarf or a fur stole around your neck to go.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - micro pleats

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High waist cropped pant & culottes

It is no secret that the trends come back a full circle and this time it is the high waist cropped pants & culottes that have made a huge comeback. The high waist cropped pants and jeans are perfect to accentuate the curves of the body in an hourglass look. The other advantage that it adds to the look is, it makes the leg appear longer when worn with a pair of chic heels.

It is a trend that is so versatile in nature that it can be styled with fitted or chunky sweaters, high neck crop tops, pretty button down shirts etc. Whereas, the culottes, the loose and flowing pants usually hang and look like a skirt. It can be styled with a blazer for a professional look and jean jacket for a casual look when the days get colder.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - cropped culottes

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Fur coats & stoles

The trend of sporting colorful fur coats, scarves and stoles this season has shown no signs of slowing down, not even a bit. From trending graphic fur coats to striped fur stoles, designers are using both real and faux fur to accentuate almost everything. Whether you like it or not, it is the fall and winter staple that you ought to have. They both look utterly glamorous for the evenings when combined with one of the best designer crystal clutch bags or dressed down for lunch with a loved one. To look chic, try pairing a faux stole with a classic plain black dress or just put on a black fur coat with the fall’s most trending brown knee high boots.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - fur stoles

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Ruffled up layers
Ruffles are the most lovely way to add a feminine touch to everything you wear. Thus, it has managed to survive another season after the spring fashion season. This is a trend we all can certainly and rather easily get into, for it adds some adorable and sexy look. This fall, better get ready for the transition of your favorite ruffled dress or skirt from the summer season. To get into this trend, wear your favorite black ruffled crepe skirt, a camel brown pullover tucked in black tights and a cute little metallic clutch from the collection of the trending clutch bags for women. Or, layer up your favorite white crepe dress with a skinny jean and a menswear flannel or oversized sweater to stay warm.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - layered ruffles

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Along with all of these wonderful trends you can also incorporate warm puffer jackets, leather jackets and coats, shearling coats along with pretty, shiny studs & sequins, pussy bow tops and dresses to keep your wardrobe updated for the fall. Are you ready to go shopping now?

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.


Boss Lady: Kristin Mitchell

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business.This week we chat with Kristin Mitchell, marketing manager of Lo & Sons. She shares with us what a typical work day is like while constantly searching for inspiration as well. 

Boss Lady Kristin Mitchell | Social Stylate

1. Tell us about yourself and your career.

Okay! I grew up in Boulder Colorado, a beautiful college town right in front of the Flatirons – I recommend visiting if you haven’t been and love mountains. I went to college at the University of Denver and studied marketing and art history. I spent a semester studying abroad in Rome which was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. After I graduated, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do but I knew that I wanted be in New York City. So I moved to New York about a month later and started working different jobs and internships to get a feel for everything. I knew marketing was my direction, but I was waiting for the right thing to present itself. About 9 months in, I started writing for a beauty blog and eventually wrote my way into my first real marketing job at a beauty company. I was there for about three years working on digital marketing, in store collateral and events. About 6 months ago I moved to my current role as a marketing manager at Lo & Sons. We are small and all ecomm based which has been a great learning experience.

2. Describe a typical work day.​

Before I leave for work, I drink a glass of drink warm lemon water and (try to always) use the Headspace meditation app. I like routines, those are my two morning things. I always listen to podcasts on the train and when I walk – I’m a podcast junkie. Once I get to work, I check in on our social media accounts, respond to comments and revisit our scheduled posts for that day. Then I check in on any new sponsorships that are live, share them with the team and add them to our content calendar. A big part of my job is managing our influencer relationships, so I spend a lot of time coordinating the details of partnerships and making sure everything is ready to go. I will also meet with our brand design team regarding new website content or marketing campaigns that are in the works. I help out with copy and make sure all of the corresponding ads are set up and linked back to the right place on our site. Lots of little executional details! Our office is in DUMBO (which is beautiful) so we always go on walks in the afternoon, another important part of the day.

3​. ​​What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the ​marketing world?

Always look at things through the lens of the person on the receiving end. I can get so involved in what I’m working on, it’s easy to overlook something that wouldn’t make sense to the customer (because it makes sense to me). It sounds simple but that has been a helpful piece of advice. Take things in from your customers perspective, assuming they know nothing about the product, service, whatever it may be.

4​. Do you have any social media pet peeves?

I don’t love it when you can tell that all of the photos on an Instagram account (though very well styled/photographed) are paid for by brands. This probably sounds hypocritical because that is a big part of my job… however! I think there can be a balance between posting with brands that authentically fit into your life, and then posting personal non paid things. It’s all about authenticity!

5.​ ​What inspires you and fuels your creativity?​

I spend a lot of time walking around the city on weekends and I always find things that make me feel inspired or motivated to do something – be it eat, think, write, sit. Who knows! I also read a lot. Everything from articles, books, blogs, or the Sunday Times, reading is one of my favorite things to do. (If you’re a book enthusiast check out Book Of The Month Club, it’s pretty fun). And as mentioned before, I listen to Podcasts everyday in transit. A few recent favorites are Invisibilia, 10% Happier by Dan Harris, WELL / AWARE Show, TED Radio Hour and Girlboss Radio. These are a constant source of inspiration and keep me informed about things happening in the world beyond the news, which I like.

6. ​Who is a Boss Lady that you admire and why?

Good question! The first woman that comes to mind is Emily Weiss, founder of Into The Gloss and Glossier. I kind of love everything about her. She is so smart and eloquent yet completely real. In every interview I’ve seen or read, you can tell she is doing everything she’s doing because she believes in it. I admire her drive and her authenticity. Along with that, I love her style and that she wears barely any makeup – I’d like to be friends.

​7. What advice do you have for women in business?​​

If you aren’t working your ‘dream job’ right now, that’s okay! We live in a funny time where so many people have found success by jumping ship and following their passion or… learning how to take amazing Instagram photos. Which is great, but not always realistic. It’s important to have passions, but it’s also important to embrace the situation you’re in. There are good experiences and points of growth to be gleamed from every job. So even if you don’t feel like you’re in ‘the job’, just by being open minded and curious and learning and contributing, you’re doing everything right. And be positive. I think it’s really important to be positive.



The Social Scoop

The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Hot Topic: Facebook Clickbaits
Facebook is now cracking down on newsfeed clickbait headlines that are driving some users away from their news feeds.

Instagram Live Events
Instagram is launching a new video channel called “Live Events” that will help users find highlight videos from concerts and live sporting events.

Engaging An Audience
Follow these steps via The Huffington Post to learn how to engage with online influencers so they share your content often.

Venmo Tips
Learn  about the proper etiquette along with the do’s and don’ts of the rapidly growing money exchange app, Venmo.

Food For Thought
A third of employers say that they reject applicants because of their social media profiles. Here is how to avoid this issue all together.