36 Hours In San Diego

Travel: San Diego

The West Coast is the best coast. With constant sunshine, beautiful beaches, outstanding restaurants and bars, endless hiking, water sports and sight seeing, it’s no wonder people instantly fall in love with the state of California. I was fortunate to stay in San Diego for an entire summer, but that was 8 years ago. After revisiting, I can easily say I will definitely be going back and highly recommend to everyone else to make the trip as well. If I only had 36 hours to do it all, these are the places I’d go…

Check in to the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa right in Mission Bay. Soak up the sun at the poolside bar with refreshing cocktails. You can also head to the Acqua California Bistro for a blissful evening with a savory dinner overlooking the bay.

Liberty Public Market – Your go-to place to find hand-crafted trinkets, amazing food, craft beers, and the friendliest locals.
La Jolla Cove – Housing endless restaurants, the lounging seals, and beach front for miles, La Jolla is a quaint town with attractions for everyone.

Travel: San Diego Point Loma Tide Pools – At low tide, the Point Loma tidepools display tiny marine life and beautiful cliff views of the ocean.

San Diego, California

Harbor Breakfast – Savor a delicious brunch in this breezy semi-outdoor restaurant right in the heart of Little Italy in Downtown San Diego.
Las Olas – In Southern California, Taco Tuesday is no joke. Tucked away next to Cardiff-By-The-Sea, enjoy their authentic Mexican food, local craft beers, and margaritas you’ll forever daydream about.
The Baked Bear – Choose from a variety fresh baked cookies and your choice of ice cream flavor inside for the most delectable ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have.

Travel: San Diego

Vin de Syrah – The Gaslamp district is full of eclectic places to go. My favorite was this underground wine parlor with extravagant details as far as the eye can see.
Altitude Sky Lounge – What better way to enjoy the beautiful city of San Diego than with a rooftop bar!
Crushed – If you love a mimosa as much as I do, you have to take a trip to Crushed for their mimosa flights! Or hang out at night for some mouthwatering tapas and unique drinks in this cozy cafe.


A Day In The Life Of Our Graphic Designer: Julia Johnson

Here is my typical day working as an artist and freelance graphic designer in Philadelphia!

Wake up! I’m not much of a night owl and I love the feeling of being up early. I try for 7am most of the time but getting out of bed is pretty tough. If it’s a workout day then I’m usually doing that first thing in the morning as well.

First thing’s first: coffee! Off to La Colombe for coffee or a draft latte (and maybe a scone). I’m not too great at making coffee myself, so I’m really happy to live just a few blocks from their Fishtown location! I’ll pick that up and bring it home to have with breakfast.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate

After the coffee’s kicked in I’ll crack open my laptop to check e-mails and line up projects that I’ll be working on today. As a freelancer, my schedule fluctuates depending on the number of live projects I have. After that I’ll run through my morning routine and get ready to run errands.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate

Time to head out! I like to get out of the house early in the day. My main stops are Blick in Center City Philly, or Artist & Craftsman Supply shop in Old City where I’ll pick up paper to use for sculpture. I’m also always on the hunt for cool frames or odds and ends as well. Resource Exchange is my favorite place for that. If I’m in need of inspiration I’ll take a walk around the neighborhoods around Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and Old City on my way into Center City. I love long walks and there are super cool facades and murals and even sculptures in unexpected places.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate

Lunchtime! After the day’s errands, I’ll be either making something at home or I’ll venture out to a spot like Good Spoon for some awesome soup and a sandwich.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate

After I’ve been out and about I’m ready to settle down and work on the day’s projects, whether it’s graphic design or paper flowers. I have a little ritual of lighting a candle when I hunker down to get work done, though there will probably be a break for a snack or teatime. I’m currently working on a big paper flower piece so that means a lot of cutting and folding. I’ll alternate between that and computer-based graphics to give my hands a break.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate

Either making dinner at home or heading out for dinner! My boyfriend and I like to cook together and it’s a good time to connect and chat about our days with a beer or glass of wine (or two) in hand.

After dinner I’ll pick back up with any work that needs to be done for the day. By now I’ll realize that I’ve put off doing any chores around the house and will scramble around getting those done. Bedtime typically falls around 11pm-midnight.

A Day In The Life As A Graphic Designer | Social Stylate


Boss Lady: Allie Phillips

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business.This week we chat with Allie Phillips, owner and designer of Ann Revere Jewelry. She shares with us what a typical work day is like while also constantly searching for inspiration.

Boss Lady Allie Phillips | Social Stylate

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career.

Hi! My name is Allie Phillips and I grew up in Phoenix and spent my whole life in the desert until my husband, our dog June, and I moved to Oregon two years ago. If someone had told teenage me that, at 30, I would be a jewelry designer living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I would have thought it sounded too good to be true.

2. Why did you decide to create a line of jewelry? Why did you decide to name your collection after your grandparents?

While on leave from my job as a research consultant, I decided to take up a hobby to occupy my time and chose jewelry. A hobby quickly turned into a passion, and I now spend my days learning new techniques, photographing my work, and being paid to do something I love. Ann Revere Jewelry is named after my grandparents, Edna Ann & Paul Revere Baker. They were the two most supportive and creative influences in my life from as early as I can remember. My grandfather was a watercolor artist and photographer and my grandmother was one of those creative minds who could make anything my cousins and I could dream up.

3. Where do you find your inspiration for your collection?

Most of the time, the inspiration for my creations comes from the gemstones that I find. I’ll become obsessed with a certain stone and then work backwards to try and design the right way to showcase it. I’m also often inspired by clothes- I’ll see a gorgeous dress at Anthropologie that I can’t get out of my head and spend my day dreaming up what type of jewelry would complement it best.

Boss Lady Allie Phillips | Social Stylate

4. What is your most effective form of marketing for your business?

Instagram has been absolutely wonderful for my business-traffic from the social media platform accounts for over half of my sales. It’s also such a great way for customers to easily interact with me and ask questions about pieces they see. Since I offer customized sizing and lengths on every item, I often receive a lot of questions and customers seem more comfortable leaving a comment on social media rather than sending an email.

5. If you could design your jewelry for anyone person, who would it be and why?

Hands down, Gina Rodriguez! In addition to being stunning and able to rock any style she tries, she is a truly inspiring woman. You can tell that even though she worked her butt off to get to where she is, there will never be a day she isn’t grateful for and humbled by her success. Gina Rodriguez is a phenomenal role model for young girls with dreams, and I dare anyone to not be inspired by her Golden Globes speech.

6. What is a typical day of work like?

My day typically starts with my favorite part—the actual making of the jewelry. Sitting down at the bench with my torch, tools, and cup of coffee is my happy place. After the pieces for the day are made, cleaned, and ready for the customer I package orders, print shipping labels, and get them ready to head out. My afternoons are usually spent doing administrative work, design sketching for future pieces, and photographing pieces. Trying to dream up and take interesting new shots for the jewelry is one of the more challenging but also one of the most rewarding aspects of the business.

Boss Lady Allie Phillips | Social Stylate

7. What has been your biggest challenge in running your own business?

Confidence has always been the biggest challenge for me, and I think it is for a lot of creative people. There is never a guarantee that even one person will like what I decide to put out there, so I have to enjoy the process for it to be worth it. The book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was truly a breakthrough for me, it should be required reading for anyone who wants to live a creative life. At the end of the day, the risk is so incredibly worth the reward. Those days when it seems like everything is lining up, and someone is responding to what you are doing—there’s no feeling like it.

8. With so many evolving jewelry trends, what makes you stick with the simpler, more delicate designs?

I’m that person that when they find the perfect shirt, they buy it in every color available. I love simplicity, and the jewelry designs that appeal to me always stay within that delicate style. This fall, my collection with a dear friend Lavenda Memory of Lavenda’s Closet is launching which will showcase a different side of Ann Revere Jewelry- edgier, and at least a few steps out of my comfort zone. It has been so fun designing with another person and finding a way to incorporate both of our styles into something that feels like the definition of collaboration.

9. What are your plans for Ann Revere Jewelry in the next 5 years? 10 years?

In the next five years, I would absolutely love to find more ways to give back with my company. During college, I focused on social entrepreneurship, and I truly believe it has the power to change the world. Working to find the right partnerships and causes is a big priority for me moving forward as the company grows. When I try and fast-forward ten years in my mind, the only thing I know for sure is that I want to continue to be involved in every aspect of this business. I always want to have my hands in the design, the creation, the photography, the packaging, the marketing, and the customer service. This business is my baby, and being able to put my love for it into every step makes me grateful every single day.

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The Most Wearable Fall Trends In 2016

Summer season will soon come to an end. Before you even get the time to update your fall wardrobe and make the necessary changes, the weather will begin to get cooler, making way for a heavier knit fabrics, boots and accessories. Are you ready to welcome yet another season this year? We have got the latest and the most wearable trends of the fall lined up especially for you. Wear them separately or layer them in a stylish way this fall, we leave that choice up to you. So, let’s get going!

The velvety velvet
Velvet is one such fabric that brings out the colors in an amazing way. Therefore, on the runways it was an absolute delight to see so much of it with such intriguing designs. From prints to embroideries to simple cuts, with a soft touch and expressive texture they all looked mesmerizing. This fall, don’t shy away from this divine and luxurious fabric. Choose the pieces in bold red and deep oxblood tones along with the royal blues for the pantsuits to evening gowns. Do not be afraid to mix and match other fabrics with it, to create contrast and add depth to the outfit.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - velvet skirt

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The pantsuits
That’s right ladies. Suit up! Once, the idea of wearing a suit to work was all about business and no fun. Well, not any more. The runways for fall 2016 showcased some perfect looks for work to a gamut of relaxed looks with deconstructed jackets and fluid trousers. They will flaunt your style and your figure at the same time. To ease into this trend, give a navy blue matching tunic and trousers like Victoria Beckham’s a try. Or, for a casual look rock the orange and blue striped pant suit with a white crop top and a pair of sneakers.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - pant suits

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The micro pleated everything
Micro pleats in the soft material such as chiffon and silk are one of the top trends of the fall 2016, as opposed to the structured and wide ones. They drape beautifully and simultaneously which add a dramatic look. This fall, contrast these soft drapes of pleated skirts with a sweater top, hoodie or a slim fit knit shirt. Complete the look with your favorite high heels or sneakers along with the one of the best designer clutch bags. To combat a slightly cooler temperature, add a ruffled scarf or a fur stole around your neck to go.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - micro pleats

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High waist cropped pant & culottes

It is no secret that the trends come back a full circle and this time it is the high waist cropped pants & culottes that have made a huge comeback. The high waist cropped pants and jeans are perfect to accentuate the curves of the body in an hourglass look. The other advantage that it adds to the look is, it makes the leg appear longer when worn with a pair of chic heels.

It is a trend that is so versatile in nature that it can be styled with fitted or chunky sweaters, high neck crop tops, pretty button down shirts etc. Whereas, the culottes, the loose and flowing pants usually hang and look like a skirt. It can be styled with a blazer for a professional look and jean jacket for a casual look when the days get colder.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - cropped culottes

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Fur coats & stoles

The trend of sporting colorful fur coats, scarves and stoles this season has shown no signs of slowing down, not even a bit. From trending graphic fur coats to striped fur stoles, designers are using both real and faux fur to accentuate almost everything. Whether you like it or not, it is the fall and winter staple that you ought to have. They both look utterly glamorous for the evenings when combined with one of the best designer crystal clutch bags or dressed down for lunch with a loved one. To look chic, try pairing a faux stole with a classic plain black dress or just put on a black fur coat with the fall’s most trending brown knee high boots.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - fur stoles

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Ruffled up layers
Ruffles are the most lovely way to add a feminine touch to everything you wear. Thus, it has managed to survive another season after the spring fashion season. This is a trend we all can certainly and rather easily get into, for it adds some adorable and sexy look. This fall, better get ready for the transition of your favorite ruffled dress or skirt from the summer season. To get into this trend, wear your favorite black ruffled crepe skirt, a camel brown pullover tucked in black tights and a cute little metallic clutch from the collection of the trending clutch bags for women. Or, layer up your favorite white crepe dress with a skinny jean and a menswear flannel or oversized sweater to stay warm.

Most Wearable Fall Trends - layered ruffles

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Along with all of these wonderful trends you can also incorporate warm puffer jackets, leather jackets and coats, shearling coats along with pretty, shiny studs & sequins, pussy bow tops and dresses to keep your wardrobe updated for the fall. Are you ready to go shopping now?

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.