The Social Scoop

The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Snapchat Marketing 
Ask yourself these questions to determine if snapchat is the right social media marketing platform for your brand.

Facebook Posting 
Do you ever wonder when the perfect time is to post on Facebook? Well there is in fact no right time and here is why.

International Women’s Day
“These photos of empty offices on International Women’s Day prove women really do run the world.”

Pinterest Updates
The “Pinterest Lens” feature was launched this week allowing users to take images of real life objects and match them.

Growing Your Business 
You should be doing these 10 things on social media to grow your business.


International Women’s Day

“After a hugely successful women’s march, this International Women’s Day is more important than ever! The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186. That’s way too long! We need to keep the momentum going and #BeBoldForAChange. Visit to find out more!”
Lauren Golt, owner and founder of Social Stylate

We have had the pleasure of interviewing countless inspiring women in business over the years. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we gathered some of our favorite quotes from past Boss Ladies, dating all the way back to our first interview in 2013, as they share advice, insight, and inspiration for women in business.

Social Stylate

“Just put something out there and get started. No amount of research can fully prepare you for what it’s like to run a business — you learn by figuring out the problems and creating solutions as you go along.”
-Lisa Butler

“Be ready to put in a ton of hours for your passion, listen to your heart and continue with persistence. Create for you and practice, practice, practice. The best form of learning for me was to just experiment without fear. Go ahead and make mistakes and never be afraid to grow and learn new tecniques.”
-Leigh Viner

“Whatever endeavor you choose to set out on, make sure it’s something that really resonates with you and that you truly, 100% love. Because if you love it, chances are you will dedicate a lot of time and focus on it, which is necessary for any entrepreneur to be successful.”
-Beeta Hashempour

“Get organized, make a plan and don’t look back!”
-Dabney Lee Woglom

“Being an employee will be a short lived experience as long as you keep that inner fire going towards doing what you truly love. ​Believe that the universe is willing to embrace and support what you desire as long as you are willing to do your part.”
-Stephanie Surtida

“Know that you are going to have to do the small stuff that makes you sweat before you become that awesome entrepreneur on Ted Talks.”
-Lauren Secchi

“Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to learn new things. Love what you do. Take the leap.”
-Evelyn Henson

“Women—especially in this field, need to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. I think women are still afraid to voice their opinions or ideas, and that needs to stop!”
-Danielle Bouchat Friedman

“You have to start somewhere. Starting small is okay! But just START! Dive in headfirst. Lose yourself a little. Dare yourself, and start believing in your own potential.”
-Eileen Hearn

“You need to be able to roll with the tide. You throw twenty ideas out there and if one sticks it’s a success.”
-Maureen Petrosky




Marketing Tip Tuesday: User Submissions

Marketing Tip Tuesday is a weekly segment offering tips and insights to help you improve your social media marketing campaigns. This week we share a tip to easily boost user engagement and switch up your content. Users love seeing their photos featured on your accounts. Give it a try!

Marketing Tip Tuesday User Submission


The Social Scoop

The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Snapchat More Expensive Than Facebook
“At a $33 billion valuation, Snap is worth about 35 times its projected 2017 revenue.”  Snapchat began trading this past week at $24 per share on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more here.

Paris Fashion Week + Technology
New designs for “smart dresses”  launched at Paris Fashion week. The exhibition explores the relationship between humans, fashion and technology. Very cool!

Facebook Dislike Button 
Facebook is making it easier for users to express their malcontent by creating a dislike button. However, it may not be where you think it is.

Spring Break Marketing
From travel research transformation to reshaping travel agencies, check out these 5 ways that social media has transformed tourism marketing.

Keyword Search Help
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