Boss Lady: Aimee Lala-Milligan

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business. This week we are very excited to chat with a local resident, Aimee Lala-Milligan, who is making a tremendous impact on the community in Wilmington, Delaware. Get ready to be inspired!

Aimee Lala-Milligan, Commercial District Revitalization Manager, Cornerstone West/West Side Grows Together, Wilmington, Delaware, Boss Lady, Social Stylate, Community

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Aimee Lala-Milligan and I am the Commercial District Revitalization Manager (wow – that’s a mouthful!) for Cornerstone West Community Development Corporation in Wilmington, DE.  I love how my job combines my past experience in retail, management & marketing with my desire to make an impact in the community.  It’s an amazing fit! I love to travel with my family and discover new places, people & experiences.  I’m always planning our next vacation!  Luckily, my husband & daughter love it as much as I do.  We also love Disney – my husband and I met while working for them, so it’s very special for us.  I will admit to being one of those families that usually visits at some point each year.

2. Can you describe to us what is the West End Neighborhood House? How did you become apart of it?
West End Neighborhood House has been part of Wilmington for over 130 years.  It began to assist the immigrant families get oriented and established and evolved to help all families in a variety of ways. Cornerstone West, which is affiliated with West End, is dedicated to revitalizing the West Side of Wilmington with a focus on four areas: housing, parks & gardens, youth engagement & economic development.  They led an effort within the community to create a revitalization plan called West Side Grows Together.  We are actively implementing that plan now. I became a part of the team a year ago – I wanted to change direction in my career where I could work in the community & see the results.  I wanted to build relationships with the end users!  My area of responsibility is focused on economic development, but we are a small team, so I help with everything.

3. What is your most valuable form of marketing?
I am amazed at the impact that social media has on our efforts.  Facebook keeps us connected with our community, but our newsletter reaches even farther.  We recently started using Instagram and are already seeing positive things from that.

4. Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from my peers.  I am fortunate to have built a great network that I can turn to when I need advice.  One of them has usually been in my shoes and can provide insight. I also find it when I travel – I always get the best ideas for work-related projects when I am on vacation!

5. What advice do you have for those looking to make a difference within their community?
There are so many ways to help, that it may seem overwhelming. Be patient and find the right fit for you & your skills!  Also – don’t be afraid to ask an organization how you can help.

Just for fun…
What’s your favorite summer treat? 
Sangria!  I usually make a fresh pitcher each weekend to enjoy with friends & family.

What do you love most about summer?
Baseball!  I am a big fan and have fond memories going to games growing up.  Now, I am continuing that tradition with my daughter.  I’m also a big fan of outdoor festivals – so don’t be surprised if you hear I am planning one for West Wilmington!

If you could have dinner with 5 people, alive or dead, who would they be?
1 & 2. My grandparents – they’ve only been gone a few years, but I’d like their perspective on what’s happened since then.  They were huge figures in my life.
3. Walt Disney – just because
4. Jimmy Fallon – need some humor
5. Shane Victorino – my favorite former Phillie – such a great personality & was really engaged in the community.



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