Boss Lady: Lisa Butler

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business. This week we talk to Lisa Butler, website and graphic designer (and blogger too!)

Lisa Butler


Tell us a little about yourself
Hi! I’m Lisa from Elembee, and I design websites for business-minded bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. I also write a lifestyle blog with blogging tips and inspiration from the things I love, including travel, home, and style.

Why did you start your own business?
Honestly, for the longest time I wasn’t sure I wanted to own a business — I thought I wanted the stability of a desk job and maybe do a little freelance work on the side. But after a while, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I wasn’t truly happy with my desk job, and that by starting a business I could make up my own rules. Yes, I work a lot more now than I did before, but I get to do what I love everyday and know that my work is appreciated and is making a difference in the lives of my clients.

What inspires you and fuels your creativity?
Lately, just taking a walk! I know this is totally cliché, but there’s a reason everyone says you have to step away from the computer. If I’m feeling totally uncreative, getting away from my growing to-do list usually does the trick — I can let my mind wander and find something to get excited about, then keep up the momentum to finish the rest of my to-do list.

What is your most successful form of marketing?
Hands down, blogging and social media. The blogging community is really supportive — I’ve even gotten referrals from people who have never personally used my services but admire my work, which is pretty incredible! I think the great thing about blogging and social media is you can let your potential clients see you as a person, not just a business, which makes them want to support you. Plus, it’s a great way to demonstrate your skills beyond the standard portfolio.

What would you recommend to those looking to start a business?
Just put something out there and get started. No amount of research can fully prepare you for what it’s like to run a business — you learn by figuring out the problems and creating solutions as you go along.

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