April Mood Board

Hello! Julie here, Social Stylate’s Graphic Designer, reporting from under a cozy blanket because it still feels like winter. Check out what’s inspiring us in April 2018 with our mood board!

We’re well into spring, but you wouldn’t know it! Sure, bright blossoms are peeking out of the ground and the trees are dusted with tiny vibrant leaves, but the temperatures still have us in our winter wear. That didn’t stop us from pouring over Lilliana Vazquez’s Tesoro Collective shop for some gorgeous, affordable spring fashion finds! Check out TesoroCollective.com for a curated collection of on-trend tops, bottoms, and dresses. Also tingling our fashion senses is NYFW Bridal, taking place April 12th-18th.

Looking for a special way to celebrate your love (on a day besides Valentine’s Day)? Top-tier skincare company Natura Bisse brings us a Beauty Lovers’ Day tradition straight from Barcelona! Inspired by St. George’s Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi if you’re in Catalonia!), it’s a day to exchange roses and books with your love. Join your favorite skincare experts at Houppette on​ April 26th​ ​a​nd Natura Bisse and show your beautiful skin some love.

Along with welcoming the spring season, our mind is on advocacy as we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Ready for some serious grassroots inspiration, Social Stylate will be attending the Great Dames event, “Firestarters: Igniting the Spark Within You” series in North Wilmington. Featured speaker Ashley Biden will join a group of truly amazing women April 9th and May 7th to speak on a range of admirable causes to empower our communities. We are also spotlighting Michelle Krusiec’s advocacy work this month in the realm of trauma survivors. As​ ​springtime warms up, we’re inspired by our community in the season of renewal. We hope you will be, as well!



February Mood Board

February Moodboard - Social Stylate

Hello, Julie here! I’m Social Stylate’s Graphic Designer. Check out what’s inspiring us in February 2018 with our mood board!

The bleakness of winter was in full swing in January of 2018; short, frigid, dry, gray days. Now that February is here, we’re ready to be warmed up with some inspiration! The first buds of spring are just around the corner! Soon it will be above 65 degrees! We can practically feel the sun on our (well cared for) skin! We’ve got just a little ways to go, so in the meantime we are warming up with some Valentine’s goodies: buff pink flowers, romantic gelato jaunts, a tart red lip. Our February mood board features fashion highlights, tasty treats, and a little hint of warmth in anticipation for spring.

Nothing says “new” like New York Fashion Week! This year our fashion muses and gurus gave us futuristic street styles (two words: moon boots), romantic ruching, unconventional fabrics, fringe, feathers … and fanny packs! We’re ready to bust out of our winter coat cocoons and try some new looks! Now, prior to cocoon-busting activities, our skin needs a little love. Kindred Skincare Co. is here to rescue our dry, chapped, winter-beaten skin with their line of natural, oil based skincare. We’re madly in love with their new products: La Femme Body Oil and Bâton Rosé; they are quick-absorbing and gentle. We’re all the more eager to show off our sumptuously moisturized skin! For a pop of color, we rely on the girls at Houppette to keep us looking oh-so-chic and this month they have us all hooked on Bare Minerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipstick. (Our favorite shades are OMG, Shameless and Luxe!)

Wintertime inspires us to cozy up in our comfiest loungewear, wrapped up in our fuzziest blanket. We love a good night (or day… or week) in. But when a Valentine’s date or an outing with friends comes up, we’re bundling up and heading out! Cabin Fever is real! We’ve been loving Caffe Gelato in Newark for its cozy atmosphere and Italian fare — and the artisan gelato, of course! Our February mood is thawing out as we get ready for spring. We’re finding joy in indulging in some self-care, discovering fashion inspiration in our own closets, and stepping out for some tasty new experiences as we anticipate the season to come.


iPhone Photography Tips with Carly Abbott

Any marketing professional will tell you that visuals are a crucial part of the process, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run out and buy a DLSR camera to get the best shots. Our photographer, Carly Abbott, shares her tips for getting the best photos with your iPhone.

iPhone Photography Tips with Carly Abbott - Social Stylate

A simple snapshot saved by shooting in Live Mode and exporting from Motion Stills.

Professional photographers are loathe to admit it, but iPhones have come a long way and can be wonderful tools for your personal or marketing photography. Equipment does not make the photographer; A good natural eye, and a grasp of photo knowledge is what really counts.

I am mainly going to focus on ways to use your iPhone’s built-in technology to create beautiful images. However, there are several apps I enjoy as well. For filtering, I enjoy VSCO and Instagram. There is also an app called Camera+, which allows you to take “macro” shots of small objects.

Now, down to the tips!

1. Control your exposure and focus point:

Many of you may know that if you want your phone’s camera to expose correctly for a certain object, you can simply tap the spot on the screen before shooting. This will tell your iPhone to use its best guess on exposure. However, once you tap the screen a little sun icon appears. Try running your finger up and down on the screen, and you will see you know have total control of the image’s exposure!

Now, if you know you want this spot to be in focus, you can also lock the AE/AF. Instead of tapping, hold your finger down on that spot until the square flashes, at which point it is locked. Now, you can play with the exposure and composition, and the camera will maintain that focus point.

2. Prevent camera shake:

These cameras are pretty powerful in dim lighting, but they still have the same issues as DSLRs. If there is not enough light, you may end up with blur due to camera shake. One way to combat this is to keep your camera as still as possible when shooting, something that can be hard if you are holding it at a tricky angle. There are two ways to help this: once you want to shoot, you can hit your volume up button to take the picture. OR, if you are really planning ahead and have your phone on a stable surface or even a tripod, you can use the volume up button on your headphones as a remote shutter trigger. Cool, right?

There is also a timer icon on the top row of your camera screen. This is great if you don’t want to move the phone by hitting a button.

3. Catch them in the act!

Anyone who has tried to photograph kids or pets knows you can completely miss the perfect moment by being too slow on the draw! I have two ways around this. The first is shooting in burst mode. Simply hold your finger down on the shutter button, and your phone will shoot many frames in a row. The drawbacks to this are you use up a lot of storage space, and you have to cull through a bunch of images to find the perfect one.

I also love to shoot in Live mode. Not only do I love playing these images to hear the odd giggles my kids made at the time, but I also view them in an app called Motion Stills. This app allows you to make the live image into a looping GIF, or you can export any frame captured in the Live photo. So, if your dog blinks when you hit the button, there’s a good chance you can freeze the image in another split second when his eyes were open!

These are just a few tips to help you with your phone’s camera. The newest phones coming out have even more features, such as portrait mode and “studio lighting” which all leaves this photographer worried about the art form’s future, because they are so cool! But the biggest photography advice stays the same no matter what equipment you use: Turn that cheap little flash off, and focus on your lighting. And when in doubt, move your feet to the right spot to get the coolest shot. Happy shooting!


Client Spotlight: Alexis Kletjian

We are so thrilled to be working with jewelry designer Alexis Kletjian! Learn about her career, style, work, and passions below.

As a small child, Alexis Kletjian grew up in the jewelry business, playing in the store owned by her parents. Now, she doesn’t just play with jewelry, she designs her own. Kletjian, an award-winning jeweler, strives to create “jewelry that will endure in quality and style, that can be counted on to be passed down through generations.”

Alexis Kletjian, Jewelry Designer - Social Stylate

Kletjian went to school to study fashion design, which gave her a comprehensive background in textiles, sewing, pattern design, etc., but her true passion for jewelry was still strong. After designing her first piece (a bangle) in 2011, Kletjian created a collection designing to sell to her friends. Now, six years later, designing jewelry is Kletjian’s full-time job.

Alexis Kletjian, Jewelry Designer - Social Stylate

Kletjian’s Memorialize collection features skulls and snakes inspired by Memento Mori. It’s a Latin phrase meaning “remember you have to die” which she interprets as a celebration of life. Kletjian wanted the skulls to have a feminine and subtle look about them that’s not obvious but still carries a special message. Other collections include Lucky Stars (her most popular), Eternal, and Lotus.

In Kletjian’s personal collection, the most important pieces to her are, “my engagement ring, my 10th wedding anniversary watch, and my Oscar Bangle. Each piece represents a milestone in my life and all three pieces involve my husband, the love of my life. I also love that I can look down at my hands and be reminded of these things.” This sentiment is echoed on Kletjian’s website as inspiration for designing, “I feel so fortunate to create pieces that are chosen by customers to celebrate their love, to commemorate momentous occasions, to signify special bonds. I believe that a piece of jewelry that is carefully chosen can be an empowering style statement as well as a physical connection to our memories and to those we love.” Kletjian loves the personal connection her customers have to the pieces and believes jewelry is an extension of our identities.

Alexis Kletjian, Jewelry Designer - Social Stylate

Currently, Kletjian’s pieces can be purchased on her website and in her Kennett Square, PA gallery, which Kletjian opened to expand her business and provide more opportunities to speak with her customers. The gallery not only features her own designs, but also pieces that are antique or unique; it;s definitely worth a visit.

P.S. Look for one of Kletjian’s necklaces in the soon-to-be-released major motion picture, Bad Moms 2! The piece will be worn by Kristen Bell!