Michelle Krusiec Point of Origin

As a mother of two, actress, and advocate of domestic violence Michelle Krusiec’s story is inspiring. Her kids and husband are a constant source of inspiration for the next chapter. She shares her life story on her blog.

Michelle Krusiec grew up in a domestic violence household and as a result, personally understands the effects of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Her parents were also exposed to similar conditions in their youth. They too are also survivors.

Now that Krusiec is a parent, abuse and trauma inflicted on children in unstable homes is something she hopes to help shed a light on. Abuse comes in so many forms. Silence is one of them. The Arts saved her life during a time where she did not have a voice. Helping give survivors a voice to their stories is one path towards healing.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of your voice and story. Read more


Meet Kathleen McFadden

Kathleen McFadden - Social Stylate

​We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Social Stylate team: Kathleen McFadden will be joining us as our new PR Manager. Kathleen ​has worked with companies ​and professionals in ​a variety of industries, supporting them through media relations, blogger engagement, social media community management, search engine optimization (SEO), crisis communications and media training.​ In addition to her position with us, Kathleen is the Communications Director at Drexel University’s Institute For Women’s Health and Leadership​, an organization dedicated to helping women achieve economic, political, and social equality.


Chatting With: Kathy Warden of TableArt & KPW Productions

Chatting With: Kathy Warden of TableArt Events & KPW Productions - Social Stylate

Our client, Kathy Warden of TableArt and KPW Productions, does more than plan weddings, she designs events that awaken all of the senses. Here we chat with Kathy about starting her business, the difference between event planning and event design, and tips for couples in the planning process.

1. When and how did you realize you wanted to start planning and designing events?
After five years in the catering business and running a kitchen, I realized that my passion lied in making the event look beautiful and creating a wonderful guest experience; i.e. coordinating all the details of a wedding. Food is one piece of the puzzle; music, flowers, lighting are also important elements of event design and coordination. I love flowers and creating beautiful spaces and memorable moments.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a planner?
I love getting to know our couples personal style, taste and vision for their wedding and putting together a team of vendors that will be the best to produce an unforgettable experience for their family and friends. I love the coordination between the design and the overall orchestration of a wedding.

3. You have a sister company, KPW Productions. What is the difference between the two?
KPW Productions was launched as a planning company. We focus on planning all the details of your wedding from venue and vendor selection, overall management of the wedding planning process setting forth deadlines for decision making, budget management, as well as scripting the wedding day weekend and management during the weekend. TableArt is the design company that focuses on creativity and innovation to celebrate our clients personal style and taste. TableArt designs beautiful weddings with exquisite flower arrangements and lighting design.

4. What sets TableArt/KPW Productions apart from ​other planning companies?
Many planners hire a decorator to design and execute their client’s weddings and there are many wedding designers/florists that do not provide wedding planning services.

KPW Productions and TableArt work together to orchestrate all the minute details of wedding planning and design: securing vendors, coordinating meetings and deadlines, and creating a master script for the wedding weekend, plus we focus on the design of the event: selecting linens, flowers, ceremony design and bridal party flowers. Many clients actually have a hard time understanding the difference between design and planning. It is similar to the difference between an architect, builder and interior designer. We are all of those things under one roof for weddings.

5. What is one piece of advice you have for couples in the wedding planning process?
From the beginning, define your priorities; this will help you in the decision making process when you start to interview vendors and have to make big decisions that will affect your budget. What is most important to you: venue, band, flowers, photography, fashion or food?

6. What’s the most important factor a couple needs to consider when planning a destination wedding?
I think there are three: guest list, travel logistics and price.

7. How do you recommend a couple personalize a space?​
This largely depends on the couples event budget. The combination of linens and flowers can add personality and style to a blank space.

8. What wedding trends never go out of style?
Simply beautiful, natural, and elegant..classic elegance will never die.

For more on TableArt & KPW Productions, visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flutter Social.


Client Spotlight: TableArt

TableArt Events - Philadelphia and Main Line Wedding Planners - Social Stylate

We are thrilled to be working with TableArt! They bring creativity and innovation to the event planning industry and it’s extraordinary to watch them bring ideas to life.

Stunning, memorable, ethereal and charming are only a few of the words you’ll hear describing TableArt, a Philadelphia-based wedding and event planning company that exceeds expectations in an elegant way. TableArt curates every event to suit the individual needs of their clients. Creative Director and Owner Katharine Warden, “considers each client’s event as a highly customized creative experience supported by a full range of services.”

It only takes a single glance at their past work to see the colors come to life and the personalities of the clients shine through. A prime example of this is the wedding planned and designed for a couple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the detailing and coordination can be seen throughout the photos posted. From the subtle and beautiful floral arrangements to the deep and elegant lighting, all the way to the elegant glassware that graced the tables.

TableArt Events - Philadelphia and Main Line Wedding Planners - Social Stylate

Skill and expertise are clearly in an abundance when it comes to bringing individuals’ visions to life, it is without a doubt done with a tasteful touch. “We work with our clients and their vendors to create an event that celebrates food, flowers, fashion, music, and more.” Don’t miss out as Katharine and her dependable team continue bringing these ideas to life.