Favorite Instagram Accounts (as of now)

Les Nouvelles

From the owners, buyers and besties behind the specially boutique, Les Nouvelles, this account shares pictures from their buying trips around the world, street style shots and inspiration from classic movies.

gary pepper girl

The Australian blogger, Gary Pepper Girl, not only has the looks but an eye for style. Here you’ll find a lot of unique and colorful images of fashion and travel.


The beautiful mother and cook shares her life in the Medoc region of France. Expect to see shots of the French countryside, villages, and lots of food.


Based in the UK the consulting company, The Apartment, posts images of exotic locations, along with fashion images and beautiful shots of food.


Chronicling the life of Brooklyn based food, lifestyle and travel photographer, Nicole Franzen, as she manages to somehow make everyday spaces and objects look like a fantasy.

hannah bronfman

The dj and cofounder of the Beautified app shares pictures of her latest beauty, hair and fitness tips. This account will give you an instant motivation to get up and move. Plus, you’ll learn a lot of easy and healthy recipes.


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