Island Time On Martha’s Vineyard

For the 4th of July, I traveled to the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. When you’re traveling with two dogs the journey is long (6 hours in the car plus 1 hour on the ferry) but it is well worth it. This is my fourth visit during the summer and below I share my favorite spots to shop, eat and explore.

martha's vineyard architecture

First, there is nothing like the traditional New England homes surrounded by water and beautiful flowers. The hydrangeas in particular are stunning in July and seem to be everywhere you look.

oak bluffs ginger bread house

One of my favorite spots to explore is in Oak Bluffs where the village of gingerbread houses are. These houses are unique to the island and each one features different colors. Each one has breathtaking and ornate detailing that truly resembles something out of a fairy tale.

oak bluffs ginger bread house

The history behind the village dates back to the 1830’s where the original settlers built these homes in the “Carpenter’s Gothic” style.

vineyard haven shopping

If you like antiquing then you have to check out At The French Doors located in Vineyard Haven. There you will find mostly French and English goods plus an endless amount of inspiration.

vineyard haven shopping

While on vacation there is a luxury to browsing a bookstore and Bunch of Grapes is the perfect spot to do so. Also located in Vineyard Haven, you will find everything from today’s must-reads to yesterday’s classics.

vineyard haven shopping

Across the street is Midnight Farm, a store offering everything from furniture, clothes, and specialty gift items. If you like Anthropologie then you will love this store. Be prepared to spend a lot of time perusing every nook and cranny.

backdoor bakery oak bluffs

It may not look like much but Backdoor Bakery is one of the best places for breakfast. Located in Oak Bluffs, you will find their popular apple fritters, donuts and breakfast sandwhiches. The line gets pretty long so I suggest going early.

net result martha's vineyard

Net Result offers the freshest seafood on the island. It’s a popular spot for lunch and dinner. They also have a market where you can buy food to make at home.

mad martha's ice cream martha's vineyard

For dessert, Mad Martha’s is iconic. They recently moved in Vineyard Haven but the homemade ice cream is still just as good as ever before.


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