SEO Tips: 3 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Website

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, plays a large role in driving traffic to your website. The words you use or don’t use matter and where you put them matters, too. It’s a lot to learn and because we know SEO can seem like a foreign language, we’re giving you three SEO tips you can do right now to make your website better!

Add alt text to images
Alternative text, or alt text/alt tags, provides a written description for an image. Alt text should be concise and descriptive, this is not the time to wax poetic about how beautiful the sunshine felt that day, save that for your actual content. Instead, use a short and sweet description to explain what’s happening.

Alt text’s usefulness is two-fold:

1. Creates descriptive text to assist those who are visually impaired so they can better understand your image. Making your content accessible for as many people as possible is only going to help your company and your message. By inviting more people in, you will create lasting business and improved customer relationships.

2. Provides more text space for SEO purposes, such as using keywords. You don’t want to go crazy using so many keywords that it makes your alt text unreadable, but if you can squeeze one or two keywords in there, it’s going to help you.

Search engines have come a long way, but they still can’t really “see” your image; help them help you by providing some descriptive and concise alt text so they can send traffic your way!

Create original, evergreen content for your blog
Evergreen content is content that’s always relevant, regardless of the season, year, or current events. Named for evergreen trees that keep their needles throughout the year, the topics of evergreen content are core issues that your readers will always care about. Think about something in your industry that your customers are consistently interested in, then use that to compose blog posts that will stand the test of time.

Another thing about blogs: link your current post to other pages on your website, like an old post or another page. For example, if you’re writing a recipe post where you mention using organic food, and several months ago you uploaded a post about ways to source your own organic produce, this is a perfect opportunity to link back to that post. This will remind your longtime readers of, and introduce your new audience to, this helpful, relevant, and informative content.

In the last 3 years, social sharing of content has dropped 50% because there’s so much content out there. By creating blog posts that seamlessly transition through the news cycles, you’ll be viewed as current to your audience. When you write a blog post, ask yourself, ‘How many ways can I utilize this post and how can I stand out?’ The more original you are and the more evergreen content you have will ensure your blog traffic will grow since you’ll be able to refer to that content time and time again.

Check for dead links on your site
Make sure to regularly check your links to ensure they’re going where they’re supposed to. Links can be broken for a variety of reasons, but the solution is simple. If you do have a dead link and you or your customers are receiving the dreaded ‘404 Not Found’ message, you’ll want to set up redirects. There are apps you can use to check for dead links or you can take a look through your site to thoroughly check yourself.

Why it’s important: If you or others pinned your blog post and those links are dead, you’re losing valuable traffic. It’s as simple as that!

These three SEO tips are things you can do today that will immediately improve your website. If you’re interested in other ways to help your website and business grow, contact us for a quote and let’s see how we can improve your online presence!


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