The Social Scoop

The Social Scoop

Welcome to the Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Hot Topic: My Beauty, My Say
Dove continues their self-esteem education through the hashtag campaign, #MyBeautyMySay, in hope to inspire young women.

Snapchat losing Spontaneity
Snapchat is doing away with spontaneous sharing and will be replaced by unauthentic content sharing; including edited pictures and videos from older dates.

What’s Up With WhatsApp
Facebook owned WhatsApp, allows texting from anywhere in the world at no cost. Read these helpful tips and tricks on how to properly use the ever growing program.

Twitter Dashboard
Twitter released a new app called “Twitter Dashboard”. Made to be more business friendly, this allows users to track mentions and mobile tweets, schedule posts, and analyze current trends.

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