Stepping Into Fall

Today Christina from Proper Hunt shares her shopping list for stepping into fall. She has amazing taste, don’t you think? – Lauren

Hello! I’m Christina from Proper Hunt, a lifestyle blog, and am so happy to be here with you! Even though we’re right in the middle of summer, my mind can’t help but wander towards fall fashion. I blame it on the heat wave we recently had here in Maryland. It also doesn’t help that most retailers are already shucking their summer duds and swapping them out with their fall lineup. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start buying fall fashions that I can’t even wear yet. It just means that I’m going to ease myself into fall by acquiring a few purchases that’ll help me stay cool (and chic) until fall is really here.

step into fall
Heels, PurseSequin MiniJacketPolishBraceletTop




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