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Stylate Six - Sophia Genereux - Social Stylate

We’re excited to announce our new blog series, Stylate Six, where each member of Social Stylate will write a post sharing six items they’re currently loving! Our team is made up of powerful, engaging, and vibrant women who bring countless talents and contributions to the business. We’re all at different stages in our lives, with a variety of background experiences, and styles just as distinct. Our unique personalities and tastes are what makes Social Stylate the dynamic lifestyle marketing agency it is and that diversity is something we encourage and celebrate. Each of us is drawn to something different—from preppy chic to urban styles to eclectic vibes, we pretty much like something from each era and collection. So, we thought it’d be fun to highlight our differences and share how they guide our fashion, wellness, and lifestyle inspiration!

In this series, we’ll take turns sharing six items we’re currently digging, to give you an inside look at our personal tastes while highlighting things that inspire us, motivate us, or just make us smile.

Here’s what’s currently on our intern’s, Sophia Genereux, radar…

Jade Roller
This Chinese skincare tool is said to boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye swelling, and help products absorb better into your skin. I’m dying to try it.

Stone-Infused Water Bottles
These gem water bottles by VitaJuwel restructures your water using the power of gemstones. The water bottles are said to boost pH and oxygenations. They can be found at many small boutiques and even larger stores like Neiman Marcus.

Melissa Slides
Everybody knows the Birkenstock trend that aroused last year by popular style demand but some may be over the massive following and not to mention once they are worn often they lose their sense of style in appearance. However, the Melissa Slides are a great alternative that can be worn every day dressed up and down. The sandals are also made out of recyclable, fruit-scented PVC which gives the shoes a subtle scent.

Palmers Coconut Face Oil
This face oil is great for all year long and can be found at any of your local drug stores. It is great serum and moisturizer that elevates redness, boosts hydration and evens out skin tones all for under $10. The product also makes a great makeup primer and gives the skin a subtle effortless glow.

White Eyeliner (Seen On Rihanna)
Colored eyeliner has been a rising trend over this past year with the countless beauty bloggers and you-tubers promoting an array of products. Rihanna recently posted a photo of a new product that fans are storming about and saying is this product within her next release.

Beyoncé’s Instagram Aesthetic
Many fans may not notice the countless hours her social media team must put into her photos but we sure do. I was doing my daily creeping on Instagram and came across different photos posted of Beyonce that have been photoshop with different graphics for a lasting wow effect on your feed and I am loving it.



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