Best Dressed Celebrity Halloween Costumes

A fabulous Halloween costume calls for something fun and a bit dramatic. For inspiration we look to the celebrities who kept it classy and original. Below includes our roundup of the best dressed celebs at Halloween time. You may just see us in something similar… image of halloween costumes

Lauren Conrad as Mary Poppins
Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough as Bonnie and Clyde
Kate Moss and Jamie Hince as Gomez and Morticia Addams
Mindy Kaling as Captain Hook



The Sad Tale of Amanda Bynes


Poor Amanda Bynes. This mug shot makes me sad. I could care less that she is a “celebrity”. She looks like any other messed up young kid with her whole life in front of her. Endless potential…wasted. Literally.

On Twitter (of all places), I read a very interesting perspective on Amanda Bynes’ struggles by the actor, Kevin Zegers. Read it here.

Who is Kevin Zegers? Yeah, I wasn’t sure either….so, I Googled him. Apparently, he was in the Air Bud movies and played a role on Gossip Girl. Hardly Oscar caliber, but he had a rather profound opinion that I found worth commenting on. Basically, he believes that as a society, we take pleasure in watching people fall from grace. We stand on the sidelines and watch others go down a dark path, but don’t reach out to guide them until it’s too late. And then, to add insult to injury, we blame them and throw stones.

I can see his point. All too often we hear about kids who drink too much or experiment with pills. We chalk it up to “growing pains” and hope that they will mature. However, with the pressures of today and the lack of anonymity due to social media, when they do get into trouble, it’s no wonder that they struggle to regain their composure. The celebration of a downward spiral is evident in the prevalence of “reality” TV and the idealization for those who push the boundaries both legally and morally. Until we push back with a rejection of this behavior, it will continue to escalate.

Sad, sad, sad.