The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing

The Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing - Social Stylate

During a time where millions of people are using social media to create a following or build their brand, the use of social media marketing is growing at a rapid rate. There are many moving parts that go into creating content for a client. Here is a small glimpse of what goes into a successful social media marketing campaign.

Identify your client. It’s important to discover what sets your client apart from everyone else and have an understanding of their wants and desires. A retail client’s goals could be to share information about products, gain new followers, drive sales, increase audience engagement, and maintain a relationship with their current audience. Once goals are established, it will be easier to brainstorm ideas for posts.

Maintain a connection between audience and brand. Have you ever followed a friend who only posted selfies or pictures of their pets? It’s lovely to see your friend’s beautiful face and you adore their fluffy fur babies, but that gets to be repetitive and stale. Variety is a necessity in order to maintain a fresh and appealing timeline of content. Something important to note that co-founder of Social Stylate, Lauren Golt says, “Everyday brands are competing for people’s attention and they’re being overstimulated and inundated with other accounts and brands. You want to offer something original and unique to you.” Having a balance of photos, diffusion posts, community posts, graphics, videos, and reposts ensure the entire audience is engaged.

Do your research. Understanding the market is a very important step when mapping out any successful social media marketing campaign. Make sure that you’re giving proper credit, paying for images, and using content in a legal way while not misusing hashtags or reusing any ideas. Use resources such as magazines, marketing blogs, and marketing publications to stay up to date with what’s working best and what’s trending on each social media platform. Knowing what your client’s audience responds well to will help guide you when cultivating a plan.

Utilize your inner perfectionist. When creating a caption or email blast, make sure to hit every point quickly and succinctly. Attention to detail is important to avoid typos. Even if you have a prescheduled post, make sure to double check it once it goes up. It is also important to utilize hashtags because they allow other people who aren’t following your page to find your content. In an article published by Sprout Social, titled How to Use Hashtags on Every Social Media Network, found that “posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without.” Hashtags are a great way to boost the activity on your post, increase engagement, and gain more exposure to new audiences.

For a greater understanding of your client’s mission, discover what makes them passionate about their business. Lauren says, “I like working with clients and meeting with clients to get these natural, organic moments when it’s just them doing what they love or products in their natural environment.” Using your client’s drive and motivation combined with the previously mentioned tools will create a successful platform for planning your social media marketing strategy.


5 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut

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Creative ruts are the worst and sometimes they can seem impossible to get out of. If you’re in an industry where creativity rules supreme then you know what we’re talking about. For those who can’t relate, know that it restricts productivity, which is not ideal when you’re making a name for yourself while building your business. Whether your creative rut is related to work or not, we wanted to put forth our top 5 ways to get your groove back:

1. Meet with peers. Getting together with friends in your industry is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off one another. There’s also the added benefit to hear how others overcame any problems you might currently be experiencing. It’s amazing how these conversations will spark curiosity, build your confidence and strengthen your spirit.

2. Create some space for your thoughts. This can involve anything from taking a walk to looking out the window to playing with your dog. In other words, it simply means to do something else other than stewing in your dry spell.

3. Establish order around you. By cleaning your workspace, desk or changing some decor around, you can get out of the rut. There’s something about nesting that lets your mind to wander for a bit. Once order has been established a sense of motivation almost always kicks in.

4. Make time to explore. It’s important to carve out time in your routine to do or try something new. For instance, look at other people’s work or portfolios in or close to your field. Trying something new or seeing new things will push your boundaries and enhance your abilities to think about things with a new perspective.

5. Embrace failures. Even successful people have failures. They learn from them and move on quickly. Holding on to mistakes only weighs your thoughts and feelings down while limiting new ones from forming. Plus, if you’re not making mistakes then you’re not trying!