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Fragrances For the Woman Who Has it All
By: Lauren Golt Perfume bottles

6 Adult Friendly Nursery Décor Trends
By: Lauren Golt
Nursery Decor



Boss Lady: Clarissa Harper

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business. This week we chat with Clarissa Harper founder of Cube Appeal, an office décor company based in Midlothian, Virginia. Clarissa is not only a small businesses owner/ young entrepreneur but also a mom. She is out to bring beauty and inspiration to work desks across the globe. 

Boss Lady|Clarissa Harper
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and career?
My name is Clarissa Harper, and I am the owner and designer of Cube Appeal. I make and sell framed prints, mirrors, and other office decor created to not only make your work space beautiful, but also to inspire and motivate you too. What makes my frames unique is that I specifically designed them to hang in cubicles. It’s been over a year now that I opened my Etsy shop, but this business has been a labor of love for me over the last couple of years.

I currently live in Midlothian, VA with my husband and 4 children. I’ve spent most of my career in the insurance industry working as an actuary, but like many other women, I’ve always had the desire to start my own business. I’ve had a love for creating and designing new things from when I was a child, but when it came time to think about a career, I chose something practical and stable. After many years working as an actuary, I began to think about my passion for art and design again and started to brainstorm ideas for a product I could create. Cube Appeal grew out of my desire to decorate my cubicle at work. With few options available that I could find, I started on the path of designing my frames and the prints that would go in them. Currently, I work full-time as an actuary, and run my business on the side. It is hard juggling two jobs and a family, but I love my business, and I’m enjoying every minute of running it. My hope for the future is that I will be able to afford to run Cube Appeal full-time and see it grow into a recognized brand in office decor.

2. Where does your inspiration come from when designing new products?
I find inspiration for my designs everywhere. I love Pinterest and looking at desk decor pins to find inspiration for nice color combinations and styles and motivational quotes to find words that will inspire my customers. I also look at what is trending, for instance I noticed pineapples has been very popular in décor so I will try to incorporate that into some of my designs. Magazines are another source I look to for inspiration and to see what is on trend.

3. Where did the idea of Cube Appeal come from?
Like I said earlier, Cube Appeal was born out of my desire to make my cubicle at work less stale and more personal and stylish. I was amazed to discover that there were not very many purchasable options available online so from that I immediately saw a need and got right to work designing. What started off as a hobby is slowing growing into a real business. It has been amazing hearing the positive feedback I’ve received from customers about my products and this motivates me to keep designing more and to take this company to the next level

Boss Lady| Clarissa Harper

4. Describe a typical work day for you.
Because Cube Appeal is currently a side business for me, a typical day for me involves a lot of juggling between tasks and priorities. In the mornings, I take to social media to post to my followers about a sale or a new product I just listed. During my lunch break, I’ll often go out to make some prints for my frames or run to the post office to mail off some orders. In the evening, after work I’ll work on orders while cooking dinner and taking care of my kids until they go to bed, then from there I’ll have a couple hours to either finish up an order or maybe work on a new design.

5. What is your most successful form of marketing?
I find social media, especially Instagram, to be my most successful form of marketing. I’ve been able to establish collaborations through this media and also interact with my current customers when they share feedback about a product they’ve received or reaching out to potential customers. What’s great about this is that you can reach a larger audience and still have that personal experience that I think will draw people to you and your brand.

6. Who is a #BossLady that you admire and why?
I greatly admire Coco Chanel, not only did she create a fashion empire, but she was also a woman of class and confidence. I featured some of her quotes in my “Iconic Women we admire” collection in my shop, and I find they inspire me everyday. In the same way Coco Chanel has affected people I want Cube Appeal to not only be a financial success, but also have an impact on women by inspiring them in their personal and professional lives.

Clarissa Harper Boss Lady

7. What do you find the most challenging about being an online business?
Being a small online business, I find the biggest challenge is getting noticed. I’m basically a small fish in a big bond, so it is definitely a process to get my shop and products noticed, but I think reaching out to bloggers, and other online shops is a great way to reach a larger audience. I spend some money online ads, but I think getting a great review whether it’s from an existing customer or through a collaboration with an influencer is the best and most organic way to grow your business.

8. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
I still consider myself a young entrepreneur, but one solid piece of advice I would give to a fellow rising entrepreneur is to make sure you are passionate about your business. I’m talking about when you can’t stop thinking about it and it excites you everyday. Because the fact is starting a business is hard, and a lot of work, so you will need that passion to get you through the tough times and obstacles. If you have that passion, I think your chances of succeeding will be great!

9. If you could collaborate with another brand or person, who would it be and why?
I would love to collaborate with the company Kate Spade! They have an amazing brand and products that caters to the young professional woman like I do. I think it would be amazing to do a series of Kate Spade inspired framed prints with some of the brand famous quotes like “She leaves a little sparkle where ever she goes”. I’m sure that would be a great hit with my customers.

Clarissa Harper Boss Lady


Behind the Boss: Clariss Harper’s Mood Board 

Clarissa Harper Mood Board

More on Clarissa Harper:
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Guest Post: Creating a Stylish Home Office

Social Stylate welcomes Modernize, an award- winning online service that connects homeowners with contractors. Based in Austin, TX, they specialize in energy-efficient home improvement projects. 

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Stylish Home Office
Kaitlin Krull
When it comes to working from home, most of us dream of perfectly decorated home offices with an enviable combination of style and professional atmosphere. The reality of working from home, however, can leave much to be desired. At Home Improvement Leads, we believe that a home office can be both functional and stylish at the same time. Here are a few of our top tips to help you get your home office looking its best.

Modernize: Home Office

Follow color trends
Style and trends are inextricably linked, so before you decorate your home office, make sure you know exactly what’s in and what’s out. As far as color palettes are concerned, we love the subtle combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity in Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year—these muted pinks and blues combine better than you might think. If you want something bolder, bright Brazilian blues, purples, greens, and other jewel tones are right on trend as well. In both cases, adding metallic accents will give your office an opulent and trendy edge.

Invest in quality furniture
As attractive as your office decor and accessories may be, all your effort will be for nothing if your furniture doesn’t match in both style and comfort. Investing in quality crafted furniture will give your office the professional feel it requires and will also save you money in the long run, since well-made pieces tend to stand the test of time. A large wooden desk and comfortable office chair are essentials, but if you plan to hold meetings or require additional workspace, a large table or sideboard won’t go amiss either. Stick with stylish midcentury favorites from designers like Charles and Ray Eames, or create your own bespoke pieces to suit your personal office style.

Modernize: Home Office

Personalize it
Working from an office can feel impersonal and mundane, but the best decorated office spaces have an aspect of familiarity that make everyday work feel like less of a chore. Adding a few personal decor elements to your home office will motivate you to perform to your best ability and spur you on when you need it most. Give personal effects like family portraits and artwork a stylish edge with metallic or textured wooden frames, making sure they match the design style of the rest of the office. Other personal items are encouraged in offices, but don’t go overboard here. A marbled glass vase filled with fresh cut flowers will add both color and style to your office without making your workspace too cluttered.

Modernize: Home Office

Keep it tidy
Even the most impeccably styled home office requires regular attention and care to keep it looking its very best. Give your office a head start on cleanliness by clearing plenty of storage space for office supplies, paperwork, materials, and anything else you might possibly need. When setting up your workspace, assign a place for everything and keep everything in a designated place. Initial organization aside, a regular cleaning schedule will help you keep yourself accountable for the condition of your office. One of our top tips is to tidy your workspace as much as possible at the end of each working day, which helps you to clear both your office and your mind of what has been and will help you to focus on new tasks in the morning. Less mess means that the focus can be on your stylish office rather than the piles of unfinished paperwork on your desk.