The Monthly Round-Up

monthly roundup: july 2014

1. Pochi Restaurant & Wine Bar’s new website has officially launched! Check it out here.

2. We attended the Diner En Blanc preview party at Terrain and can’t wait for the big event.

3. Fall photo shoots have begun!

4. Sydney & Lauren put together their Summer-To-Fall Favorites for Miss Sophisticate magazine. Take a look!




As we mentioned here in our post, we could not be more excited for this year’s Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia. In honor of this major event, one of our favorite local loves, terrain, held the French Garden Party with Dîner en Blanc. It was certainly a fabulous night and terrain was the perfect setting for the event. If you can believe it terrain was even more picture perfect than usual. Here are some snap shots to prove it. 

Diner en Blanc party at TerrainThere were flower arranging instructions given by Claudia Roux, a Parisian florist and owner of Petit Jardin en Ville. Each arrangement was more beautiful than last. Then guests played a few rounds of the French game, pétanque in the garden, which was surrounded by beautiful table settings by Susan Hutchinson, author of the fabulous French-inspired blog, Fleurishing. The homemade drinks were so festive looking and very delicious. Our favorite was pink and rhuberry flavored.

Diner en Blanc party at Terrain

As soon as we were welcomed to the event, the Social Stylate ladies were blown away at the table setting photographed above. Susan Hutchinson really out did herself and we feel very inspired for our Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia table settings. Now what to wear…any suggestions?

social stylate at diner en blanc at terrain


Dîner en Blanc

We could not be more excited to attend this year’s Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia. In preparation for the major event, terrain (one of our favorite spots), is hosting a French Garden Party with Dîner en Blanc. To learn more about both events we caught up with one of the co-hosts, Natanya DiBona.Natanya DiBona, Diner En Blanc, Terrain, Philadelphia, Chadds Ford,

This marks the third year for Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia. How did the event get started in Philadelphia and how did you get involved?
I first learned of Dîner en Blanc through my aunt and uncle in Montreal.  I was visiting them over the holidays in 2011 and the cold temps and the foot of snow on the ground had us dreaming of warmer weather.  My aunt happened to mention a white picnic held there each summer where everyone wears white and brings their own food, etc.  It piqued my interest so much that when I left I said I would return that summer to go to the picnic with her.  When she said that we wouldn’t be able to go because you “need to know someone” to be invited, I was even more intrigued.  That night I googled “white picnic” and “Montreal” and saw the first pictures of Dîner en Blanc in Paris at the Louvre.  I had no idea about the event’s French history and I was instantly hooked.  I searched for hours and read every article trying to learn everything I could about how this wonderful event takes place.  While doing that search, I found a FB page for DEB Philadelphia.  It had just 63 likes and very little information.  I instantly wrote on the wall that I would do anything possible to help them execute this event.  Every couple of weeks I would write again to check-in and then one day they posted that they were looking for leadership.  I sent in my resume and within two weeks I was planning the first Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia with my co-host, Kayli.  That was March 2012 and the first event took place that August with 1,300 attendees!

Tell us about your role as a co-host for Dîner en Blanc.
Kayli and I are the co-hosts of the event and we are responsible for selecting the space and meeting with the appropriate people within the city to make the event happen.  We divide the other responsibilities evenly, with my focus on marketing, entertainment and promotions and Kayli focusing on the logistics of the event, including the recruitment and training of our table hosts and on-site volunteers (90 this year!).  We also have a planning team of seven members who we meet with regularly to help us work through all of the little details of executing this amazing event.  Dîner en Blanc is entirely volunteer-run and we are so fortunate to have some of the most energetic and involved Philadelphians helping us.

We know a lot of work goes into planning the event. What is the biggest challenge?
Yes- it is a lot of work, but it is a labor of love. I’d say there are two big challenges: the first is selecting the spot- making sure it is a great spot that highlights Philadelphia and reflects the spirit of the event. Fortunately, we are blessed with many beautiful spaces in Philadelphia and a lot of wonderful public art and architecture to show off.  The second challenge is communicating all of the details of the process (from how to sign up on the waitlist, to the registration process and what to bring) to everyone who is interested.  The good thing about planning it this year is now we have 1,300 people who went the first year and  2,500 people who attended last year, so they help spread the word about what to expect at the event.

You live in Chadds Ford, but work in Philly. What are your favorite spots in both areas? {place to eat, place to shop, place to relax.}
I do. I love the balance of living in the country with the pace and energy of working in the city. My favorite spots in both areas:
Chadds Ford:
For a meal: Sovana Bistro.
For a drink with friends: The Whip and Brandywine Prime.
For shopping and creative inspiration: The antique stores on Rt 1, Terrain, and Brandywine River Museum.
Place to relax: The Laurels Preserve.

For a meal: Vernick, Townsend, and Will BYOB.
For a drink with friends: XIX, Pennsylvania 6, and Graffiti Bar.
For shopping and creative inspiration: Paper Source, and some of the great shops on North 3rd.
Place to relax: Logan Circle, Rittenhouse Square and along the Schuylkill River trail.

Big question; how do you decide what to wear each year? Any idea what you’ll be wearing this year?
Since Kayli and I do a lot of running around at the event our dresses must be comfortable, yet elegant. This year she and I are working with a local designer to make our dresses for the event. We are really excited about this partnership and hope to announce more of the details in the next month or so.

Also, can you tell me a little about the event at Terrain?
In honor of Bastille Day, we’re throwing a French Garden Party at terrain on Wednesday, July 9th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. There will be French food, music, cocktails and a few rounds of pétanque in the garden. There will also be table setting demos by Susan Hutchinson, author of the fabulous French-inspired blog, Fleurishing, and flower arranging instruction by Claudia Roux, Parisian florist and owner of Petit Jardin en Ville.  Everyone who attends will be entered for a drawing for a free registration for two to Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia.  Participants will also receive a complimentary copy of France Magazine and a coupon for 10% off their purchase at terrain!  Space is limited and registration through terrain is required. To register for this event click here.



Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc photo
Diner en Blanc, picnic, dinner, giant picnic, all white

I’m a big foodie. Going out to eat and trying new restaurants and foods is one of my favorite things to do on weekends. So when Lauren introduced me to Dîner en Blanc, naturally, I decided I had to go.

The giant picnic started out 25 years ago in Paris as a way for a few friends to reconnect and get together. Each friend was instructed to bring a guest and dress in white. The concept blew up and took the world by storm as thousands of people wanted to participate. Now the picnic attracts as many as 15,000 people with 12 locations all over the world!

Clearly, Dîner en Blanc is not just any old picnic. In order to turn into a huge success there are a few rules while attending the event:

  • You must dress in all white, elegant attire.
  • You must bring a guest. The registration is for 2 so you must bring someone with you.
  • You are responsible for bringing your own white table, white chairs, white table cloth, a picnic basket full of quality menu items, and china dinnerware.
  • You must arrive either by bus or organized public transit.

The purpose of the rules is to create an organized, exciting, impactful event. The location is always in a public spot so the city can watch in awe as 15,000 people are flooding the streets in white.

Pretty cool, huh? Imagine how many people you could meet if going with a friend to mingle.

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