Marketing Tip Tuesday

Today, email blasts are still fundamental marketing mediums because email itself is integral in the daily lives of every person on the web. Since our last post on the subject, new innovations have emerged such as personalization and segmentation. Personalization identifies customer’s browsing or shopping history in an attempt to increase their engagement with the brand. Segmentation is when you use that information to create different campaigns for personalized subgroups. Examples of sub-groups are “Recent Shoppers”, “Customers Who Haven’t Shopped in Over 90 Days”, “Big Spenders” and “Bargain Focused Shoppers”. By identifying your customers’ main motivation as it relates to your business, you can personalize and segment accordingly to drive engagement.

In addition to these email marketing innovations, we’ve also listed other keys factors to remember:

– The timing and frequency of email marketing campaigns. The highest engagement is between 8-10am and then picks up again after 4pm. The frequency can be determined based on trial and error while analyzing the open rates. Also, asking for feedback is encouraged.

– Keep mobile devices in mind. Out of the 2 billion email campaigns that are sent out, about 800 million of them are opened on mobile devices, according to a recent study by Kissmetrics.

– Open rates increase with creative subject lines that have a single headline or message with 50 characters or less.

Below are some examples of brands, that we think today, achieve compelling and well timed email blasts.

Violet Grey
Frequency: A few per week.
Strengths: Violet Grey does an amazing job. Not only is their photography stunning but they offer tips and feature interest content. It’s different and sets them apart from other retailers. For instance, they usually do a cover story with one movie star a quarter. Like this one with Liv Tyler.
Example subject line: One-Minute Makeovers

violet grey email blast

Frequency: Daily.
Strengths: Everyday, we’re curious about Shopbop’s email blast. Each one is stylish, on trend and easy on the eyes. It’s also nice that not every one is long. Some are short and sweet. Like the one below.
Example subject line: Tomboy essentials for under $200

shopbop email blast

Rent The Runway
Frequency: A few times a week.
Strengths: We like that the email below is personal (with Lauren’s name in the subject line.) It offers a deal and explains the process of Rent The Runway.
Example subject line: Lauren: $25 Off Just for You

rent the runway email blast

The Honest Company
Frequency: Periodically.
Strengths: The brand utilizes creative and clean layouts to showcase it’s products. In the below example, the customer receives an informative email about their next monthly shipment. It’s personal and provides details of what to expect and when plus suggests new items to try.
Example subject line: Mix & Match Products for Next Month!

The Honest Company Email Blast


The Email Blast Done Well

If you don’t know already, a lot of analyzing and creativity goes into sending well-executed email blasts. You have to know your audience, decide on the frequency of emails (once a week? once a month?), create catchy subject lines to increase open rates and develop unique content. If a client or customer opts out of receiving your brand’s emails, you probably lost them forever. Think about the steps you have to take to unsubscribe. Most people don’t want to spend the 30 seconds to do that so if you’re opt-out rate is high, it’s time to freshen up your game plan.

In my opinion, if you are sending me one email per day and you’re brand’s name does NOT contain the word daily, you better be giving away free products or services. No one needs to hear from you that often. However, that approach does work for some brands. Example; Lilly Pulitzer sends daily emails and their customers are extremely engaged.  In the end, it’s all about testing and, when in doubt, simply ask your customers for their feedback. Occasionally I’ll receive emails that ask if I’d prefer more or less communication. That’s brilliant and your audience will know that you value their opinion.

Here are a few brands that, in my opinion, execute well crafted and well timed email blasts.

Kate Spade
Frequency: A few per week
Strengths: One killer graphic/image that only requires a quick glance. There is always a central theme or story. The text and subject lines are catchy and fun.
Example subject line: Tech Mate


Frequency: A few per week.
Strengths: Extremely catchy and truly original. I have never shopped at ModCloth but I still open their emails. This email is a great promotional example.
Example subject line: Well, Hello There!


Bauble Bar
Frequency: A few per week but the killer is Friday’s Buried Bauble.
Strengths: AMAZING idea. This gets customers onto your website and forces them to spend time on the site.
Example subject line: The Buried Bauble is Here!


Frequency: Daily..and I don’t hate them.
Strengths: I am engaged with this brand because I shop there and know their website has a lot to offer (great photography, sizing charts, customer reviews, amazing brands etc.) The emails are always very stylish, fashion-forward and relevant.
Example subject line: The Well-Dressed Guest | What to Wear for 3 Summer Weddings