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The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

A Year in Review
Facebook’s latest feature shares a personalized video on your news feed of all the meaningful moments of 2016.

Millenials and Social Media 
We all know the millenial generation is always glued to their smart phones and Ipads. Check out these 3 ways why it is evident that social media is changing how millenials consume news.

Youtube Ads
Now that we are gearing up for the new year it is time to reflect back on 2016. Youtube reveals the top videos, music videos, and ads from this year.

No Change For Twitter
Twitter briefly changed the way users can reply using the @ symbol and users went crazy. Twitter claims it was an experiement and they are listening to the users compalints.

Just For Fun
Check out the top 12 worst social media fails that have happened in 2016.


6 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Page

With an abundance of daily users worldwide, Facebook is a fountain of potential for your business. There will always be room for improvement and optimization. To increase the success of your business’s Facebook page follow these 6 simple tips.

Social Media Day - 6 Tips For Running A Successful Facebook Page - Social Stylate

1. Incorporate your logo in your profile photo: Keeping your logo prominent and in the viewers mind is essential for creating brand recognition and it also makes it easier for viewers to instantly identify your page.

2. Optimize the cover photo: The first thing viewers see when they visit your page is your profile picture and cover photo. They both help with visually representing and branding your page. Visuals and first impressions are vital on social media so plan them carefully and strategically.

3. Post regularly: Consistently posting relative content increases engagement and helps gain following but don’t forget to keep it fresh, new and exciting so viewers are more likely to engage with it.

4. Use a call-to-action: So you want to increase engagement? Just ask for it! Use phrases such as “like if you love this just as much as we do” or “we love these new bags, which is your favorite color?” You could even use phrases such as “tag a friend you would want to take here” to further increase engagement to new users.

5. Keep it simple: The ideal Facebook post length is 40 characters. Keep your text brief so users are less likely to scroll past your posts.

6. Engage with your followers: Engagement on your end is just as important as engagement from viewers. Users love to feel like their voices are heard. Replying to comments is a great way to keep the attention of your followers and make them feel special so they’ll enjoy returning to your page.




Marketing Tip Tuesday

marketing tip tuesday: Facebook engagement

More than ever before small companies with active Facebook pages are seeing business grow. Our client’s sales increase once we improve their Facebook engagement with strategic posts. What’s important is the connection between the brand and it’s followers. By sharing a mix of call-to-action posts along with inspirational, personal and thought provoking ideas, followers will identify with your brand and be compelled to act. Not only will the interaction with customers progress but the visibility of your brand spreads and thus, business grows.

Here are a few examples of successful businesses with active Facebook pages:

The accessories company Stella & Dot built a truly organic community on Facebook that acts as a selling platform with product information and styling tips. Importantly, the company uses compelling visuals and videos of each product encouraging followers to click through and shop.  (410K followers)

Fresh Brothers pizza offers their Facebook followers discount codes and weekly specials, which they can easily track as Facebook referrals. They also attribute their success to posts about family histories and employee stories.  (41K followers)

Burt’s Bees uses their Facebook page for market research allowing followers to share their opinions on flavor preferences, product names, and much more. By using the poll tab Burt’s Bees can ask followers questions and the results are public, which can also be shared on anyone’s personal page. (2.4M followers)


marketing tip tuesday

We previously discussed the importance of captivating cover photos and shared our tips for making the most of them. Now, in order to give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 5 brands that utilize their Facebook cover to exhibit the essence of their brand.



Net-A-Porter uses their cover photo to promote the current issue of their online magazine, The Edit.



Smashbox uses their cover photo to promote a new product and a coordinating campaign-related hashtag.



Minted uses their cover photo to promote their customer base.



Illume uses beautiful images that include products as their cover photos. 

Mr. Porter

mr porter

Mr. Porter brands their cover photos with “Mr. Porter The Men’s Style Destination.”