Local Loves: BBC Tavern and Grill


With a cozy atmosphere, tasty food, and a great bar, Brandywine Brewing Company Tavern and Grill is one of our favorite local places for lunch and happy hour. Catch a wait? No worries, spend your wait time shopping next door at Ellie Boutique and Wilmington Country Store.


Their extensive menu ranges from traditional tavern fare like house made burgers and wings to fresh hand crafted salads and sandwiches. There’s something for everyone and every occasion. Some of our favorite dishes include the BBC burger, Buffalo Wings, Grilled Salmon salad, Roasted Beet salad, and Cajun Mahi sandwich.


Fall To Do List

Among all of the stress of work loads, school starting, and the season changing, take a little time out of your week to have some fun. Celebrate the upcoming season by enjoying a few things that you can only do in the fall.


Get apple cider donuts from Northbrook Marketplace

Pumpkin picking at Ramsey’s Farm

Try Starbucks’ new and improved Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pick and paint your own pumpkins at Penns Woods Winery

Attend a Fall Festival at Milburn Orchards

Explore new DIY pumpkin recipes

Make your own apple cider mimosas

Build a scarecrow

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Guest Blog Post: 5 Uncommon Eating Habits To Healthier Skin by Vaileria Dennis

Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert. She has written various articles on Beauty and Makeup. In recent years, she has had an opportunity to research about Skin Rejuvenation. She is always excited to share her ideas related to Beauty care and Makeup Tips.

Healthy and Beauty Expert Vaileria Dennis

Your nutritional habits can directly impact on your skin’s appearance. For instance, every time dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, consumes chocolate, she experiences skin breakout after two days. Although she admits that it cannot be explained scientifically, she finds some resort in knowing that other people experience skin problems due to certain eating habits. Almost a third of people living with acne have seen the connection between what they consume and their blemishes. Marmur says that although they don’t have hard scientific facts about how food can improve or prevent skin problems, many dermatologists believe that diet can have an effect. Try these 5 uncommon eating habits to improve the health of your skin:

1. Strawberries
Habitual consumption of strawberries ensures an adequate supply of anti-aging vitamin C. Strawberries is richer in antioxidants than oranges or grape fruits. About a research published in the American Journal of Nutrition, people who consume foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and look younger than those who don’t. Antioxidants derived from vitamin C fight free radicals in the body responsible for cell damage and collagen breakdown, which often leads to fine lines and wrinkles. If your goal is a better-hydrated and smoother skin, try some natural berry mast at least once every week, and eat foods rich in vitamin C, according to Ramona Ionescu, an aesthetician based in New York City’s Cornelia Day Resort.

2. Skin Health Omega3
Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties essential in regulating the systemic inflammation that triggers skin problems like premature aging, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. Most of the diets out there consumed by vast population tend to be unbalanced in essential fatty acids. You can boost your skin healing process by increasing your dietary intake of omega-3 fats. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids decrease inflammation, alleviating acne and other skin issues by reducing insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) while preventing hyperkeratinization of sebaceous follicles. Omega3 fatty acids obtained from fish oil have also been shown to be effective in treating skin conditions like psoriasis, pruritis, scaling, erythema, and atopic dermatitis.

3. Olive Oil
Olive oil has high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it can soften your skin and prevent dryness and scaling. When applied topically, olive oil gives a smoother and more radiant skin. It is stapled in healthy Mediterranean diet as it provides antioxidants for disarming free radicals while reducing inflammation caused by free radicals. As an added advantage of olive oil, it doesn’t clog pores like most commercial moisturizers that can worsen skin problems. Also, it enhances exfoliation with mild effects on your skin. Other than including olive oil in your daily diet, consider applying topically it as a lip gloss and skin soother. You can also use it on homemade facial masks or as a shaving cream.

4. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contain flavonols obtained from coco beans. Flavonols have been shown to be effective in boosting circulation. Nevertheless, chocolate contain compounds that trigger acne in some people, particularly those with sensitive skin types. Always go for the high quality dark chocolate to keep your skin hydrated and eliminate signs of premature aging. Don’t overdo it because chocolate is rich in calories, which can cause weight gain or pile up fat deposits under your skin exacerbating its condition. Only take an ounce of dark chocolate every day to enhance your skin’s appearance.

5. Orange Peel
In a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona, it was found out that people who consume citrus (orange or lemon) peel every week were 33% less likely to develop skin cancer than their counterparts who only took the juice. Although you may not appreciate the idea of eating grated citrus peel along with meals or salads, it is tasty and comes with many health benefits for your skin and body. Orange peel is effective in improving the skin due to ingredients like vitamin C, calcium, and dietary fiber. Orange peel has been shown to be effective in alleviating some skin problems including blackheads, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and blemishes. Also, it lightens dark circles, tones and brightens your skin when applied topically. Don’t forget to rub it on your nails to improve their shine.

Several factors including you eating habits can trigger skin conditions like premature aging, which is commonly characterized by fine lines and wrinkles. Practicing these five uncommon diets could be a direct ticket towards a beautiful and radiant skin. Their ingredients have been scientifically proven to be useful in fighting numerous skin conditions while benefiting your body in several ways. If you want a healthy skin, it calls for uncommon practices to attain your goals. There is no harm in trying out these habits though some in moderation to avoid shortcomings.

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Local Loves: Janssen’s Market

janssen's market picnic
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With blue skies on a sunny day, there is nothing better than lounging outside and enjoying an amazing meal. To make it perfect you need fresh food and gourmet ingredients, which you find the best of both at Janssen’s Market.

Get into the spirit of things this Saturday night, as Janssen’s Market sponsors it’s 3rd annual picnic contest at the Delaware Shakespeare Festival. One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to our favorite market! From delicious delicatessen meats and cheeses, to European style bread, you will find everything you need to fill up your basket.

local food from janssen's market

Plus, locally grown fruits and vegetables are delivered daily and you can’t beat the freshness in taste.

recipe ideas from food & wine

Be sure to follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for delicious recipe ideas to make at home or for your next entertaining event.