Monday Makeover: Bandana Babe

Bandana Babe

The weather has been so tropical lately, sometimes it hardly seems worth it to fix your hair in the morning. We found this great post (complete with a video tutorial) on fabfashionfix on how to style a bandana. We love the unique look for its boho chic style and pop of color!

Have you ever tried a bandana? If so, what is your favorite way to wear it?


Monday Makeover: Good Hair Day

Monday Makeover

When your hair turns out looking OK, it’s great day. BUT, when your hair looks like this, on a Monday, it’s even better! We are collecting inspiration from the blog, The Barefoot Blonde, and anxiously awaiting the opening of Blown Away Kennett Square in August. How exciting will it be to be able to walk into a salon for a braid or a blow out and emerge looking like a supermodel? Hey, it can happen, right? Blown Away is booking appointments now for after August 18th. Click here for their 24/7 link to reserve your spot.