Marketing Tip Tuesday

image of marketing tip tuesday on how to create a great pictures yourself

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia. Hosted by a team of wonderful, intelligent, and successful women, the two day event left us full of knowledge about social media, blogging, business, and so much more. Over the next few weeks in our Marketing Tip Tuesday series, we will focus on what we learned in boot camp!

Today, we want to focus on creating beautiful pictures. As many of you know here at Social Stylate, we believe that compelling visuals are key in successful marketing. Since not all of us have the natural gift of photography we want to share with you tips we learned in making any picture awesome.

First, lighting is so key. It may seem a little obvious but the best pictures are taken with natural lighting. There is such a science to lighting and we believe here explains it best for anyone to understand. Don’t have natural lighting? Purchasing a cheap lighting kit is worth it and Amazon has some great prices here.

Secondly, take as many pictures as possible and from all angles. Courtney Slazinik, of Click It Up A Notch, spoke about snapping from at least three different angles. People are compelled by action shots and products in use. Plus, shots from all angles can tell a better story. Furthermore, you never know what shot is going to be the shot and also you now have more to choose from. Below includes examples of the different types of angles you want to capture.

image of pictures from different angles

In this day and age it is also very important to capture an image both vertically and horizontally. In doing so, you now have more availability in what you can use your photo for. An easy understanding of this is terms of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; horizontal photos look better for Facebook and Twitter covers; whereas vertical images work better on Pinterest. Trust us, take a few extra moments to capture the picture both ways.

Lastly, fake it with an app! There are so many photo editing apps out there today. Social media manager guru, Cynthia Wheeler, shared with us her favorites that we’ve already tested and can say that each one is awesome.

1. Snapseed – best for landscapes. Add the HDR filter to really knock it out of the park.

2. Fixel – our personal favorite so far. This app can literally erase anything out of a picture with a single touch. It’s magic and FREE.

3. moreBeaute2 – ideal for fashion images. You can create images that appear glossy just like the magazines.

4. Photo Wonder – great for beauty shots. Has many unique features that other apps don’t have.

5. Photoshop Touch – a bit expensive at $9.99 but has all the bells and whistles to edit any picture.

Well there you have it. Hope these pointers help you not only create beautiful pictures but also get you the most mileage out of each click!

Do you have any tips to add?


Photo via Carly Abbott Photography