Brand Ambassador Marketing: Sand Cloud Towels

Sand Cloud is a southern California beach towel brand on a mission. 10% of the company’s net profit is donated to various nonprofit organizations that serve to protect marine life. In addition to a unique product and business model, Sand Cloud has a notable way of spreading the word about their beach towels: brand ambassador marketing.

Sand Cloud Marketing

Most of Sand Cloud’s marketing efforts are done solely through social media and their brand ambassador program. They have over 3,500 ambassadors worldwide, who have helped Sand Cloud form relationships with customers while spreading the word about their products and mission.

Sand Cloud Marketing

Ambassador marketing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy due to the size of its potential reach. Ambassadors share photos and posts on their personal accounts in which all of their followers will see. Let’s say on average an ambassador has 1,000 followers and there are 3,500 Sand Cloud Ambassadors, not counting Sand Cloud’s followers on their own accounts, ambassadors have spread the word about their brand to 3.5 million users.

Sand Cloud Marketing

Sand Cloud offers their ambassadors a discount and a rewards point program in which they can share their discount code and earn points for every purchase another customer makes using their discount code. They also partner with other brands to host contests and giveaways to increase engagement with their own customers and customers of partnering brands.

Sand Cloud Marketing

Sand Cloud was founded just two years ago. In such a short time they have seen and incredible amount of publicity and recognition. Because of their ambassador program, their brand is now a well-known name and their sales have increased exponentially. Whether it acts as the core of a marketing plan or just a supplement, a brand ambassador program can be a great strategy for increasing reach on social media and improving brand recognition.




8 Successful Brands on Instagram

Instagram is rapidly growing from a medium for sharing photos with friends to a marketing essential for businesses. We compiled a list of successful brands to follow on Instagram for inspiration to utilize the platform to its full potential. Each account has unique qualities that are key to its branding and social media marketing success. 

successful brands on instagram - Lulus

1. Lulus uses a variety of shots to appeal to their followers but their most successful posts are flat lays. Flat lays inspire the user to imagine how they will wear an outfit while showcasing products.

successful brands on instagram - Target Style

2. Target Style keeps their feed bright, engaging and approachable. While showing products and inspiration to their followers, they also do a great job responding to comments and connecting with users who include their hashtags in posts.

Successful brands on instagram -

3. The Instagram is bright and colorful with tons of inspiring lifestyle photos. They have done a great job branding the account with overall cohesion by using similar lighting and filters to create a warm, inviting glow in every photo.

successful brands on instagram - Fresh Beauty

4. Fresh‘s Instagram is full of beautiful product shots that brilliantly incorporate the product’s natural ingredients to show it in a creative, eye catching way and educate and engage their audience.

Successful brands on instagram - Steve Madden

5. Steve Madden‘s Instagram utilizes portraits and flat lays to show detailed closeups of their shoes and how to wear them. They use bright, popping colors and simplicity to grab the attention of their followers.

Successful brands on instagram - Dwell Studio

6. Dwell Studio uses a lot of bold colors and bold designs to grab the attention of viewers. Their photos are very clean cut, bright and detail oriented to help keep the viewer’s attention while they look around the photo.

Successful brands on instagram - Joie Clothing

7. Joie Clothing appeals to their audience by using bright and happy photos to enhance their mood and use models that are natural looking and easy for viewers to relate to.

Successful brands on instagram - Design Love Fest

8. Bri Emery does a great job of branding her Instagram page for her blog, Design Love Fest, with filters and like colors while engaging with her followers and other bloggers to create a creative, inspiring online community.



Marketing Tip Tuesday From Jessica Howell

Jessica Howell is the CEO and Founder of Social Studio Shop, a company that offers social media marketing workshops and webinars for bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and marketers. We are thrilled to have her on the blog sharing her 3 tools to up your Instagram game. Thank you, Jessica!

A little about Jessica…At fourteen, Jessica unintentionally fell in love with photography. Since then, she has lived in the creative world and had a passion for capturing and making connections with people. Fortunately, her love for photography and need to make a living led her to the wonderful world of social media marketing. Jessica spends her days consulting small business owners and entrepreneurs on digital strategy. She contributes to various blogs and is constantly sharing tips on social media marketing. Besides all things social, Jessica has a sweet spot for cats, running, coffee (lots of it!), and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Three Tools to Up Your Instagram Game by Jessica Howellcourtesy of Ashley Kelemen

Three Tools to Up Your Instagram Game

There’s no doubt that since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social platforms to date. With over 300 million active monthly users (Simply Measured, thousands of brands are turning to this visually-focused platform as a means to connect with their ideal customer and clientele.

If you’re wondering how you can up your Instagram game, build awareness, and bring in more business, I highly recommend checking out these helpful Instagram tools…

At my company, Social Studio Shop, we believe in posting with a purpose. When I say posting with a purpose, I don’t just mean having a passion-fueled approach, but rather a measurable approach to your social efforts. Iconosquare is one of the most popular and easy to use Instagram tools that lets you manage your account via desktop and track your analytics. If you’re interested in learning more about Iconosquare, check out this post for three ways you can improve your Instagram with this awesome tool. [pullquote]Don’t just be on social media just because everyone else is. Break the cycle of monotony and post with a purpose.[/pullquote]

One factor that makes Instagram such a unique platform is that there is no shortage of strong visual content. If you want your account to stand out, you’re going to need to put your best content forward. Think, quality over quantity! VSCOcam is a photography app that allows you to capture, edit, and share your photos. I personally like to use this app primarily for editing purposes. Visual Supply Company originally offered presets and camera profiles to give digital images the “film” look. Eventually, the company became so popular they decided to launch an app — VSCOcam, to provide similar presets to smartphoneographers. This app is perfect for taking quality images to the next level.

For those of you who are fans of scheduling your content on Facebook and Twitter and wondering how you can do the same on Instagram, this app is for you! Let me preface this by saying that completely automating your posting is in direct violation with Instagram’s Terms of Use. If you are using some kind of automatic posting service, your account could be at risk of getting banned! Latergramme allows you to get around this Insta hitch by uploading your photo and creating a caption. You can then save your post to go out a specific time, then LG alerts you when it is for YOU to post to Instagram.

Be sure to check out Social Studio Shop for great workshops and webinars.
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Favorite Instagram Accounts (as of now)

Les Nouvelles

From the owners, buyers and besties behind the specially boutique, Les Nouvelles, this account shares pictures from their buying trips around the world, street style shots and inspiration from classic movies.

gary pepper girl

The Australian blogger, Gary Pepper Girl, not only has the looks but an eye for style. Here you’ll find a lot of unique and colorful images of fashion and travel.


The beautiful mother and cook shares her life in the Medoc region of France. Expect to see shots of the French countryside, villages, and lots of food.


Based in the UK the consulting company, The Apartment, posts images of exotic locations, along with fashion images and beautiful shots of food.


Chronicling the life of Brooklyn based food, lifestyle and travel photographer, Nicole Franzen, as she manages to somehow make everyday spaces and objects look like a fantasy.

hannah bronfman

The dj and cofounder of the Beautified app shares pictures of her latest beauty, hair and fitness tips. This account will give you an instant motivation to get up and move. Plus, you’ll learn a lot of easy and healthy recipes.