The 2017 Golden Globes: Fashion Talk

The most exciting party of the year was once again a success! From Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Stone to Reese Witherspoon, the red carpet was brimming with high-end fashion.  We saw a-line skirts, extended v-necks and an array of color that set the fashion bar high for the rest of 2017. We LOVED our stunning client, Lilliana Vazquez in her Hayley Paige dress that had us all in awe. Also, take a peak at which celebrities won a vote from the Social Stylate gals as best dressed.

Gina RodriguezGolden Globes Best Dressed

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“Gina Rodriguez’ Golden Globes outfit is a beautiful blend of flashy and classy, very reminiscent of 1920’s Hollywood & the era of flappers. The silver color of the dress perfectly compliments her skin and to top it all off- her simple hair style and silver dangle earrings look absolutely elegant.” – Rachel

Thandie Newton
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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“Thandie Newton’s dress was a stunning mix of simple and bold and the necklace draped down the back of the dress was the perfect touch.”- Jordan

Rachel Evan Wood
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“Rachel Evan Wood’s looked cool, fresh, and like a total badass.” – Sydney

Mandy Moore
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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“Mandy Moore’s look was chic from head to toe. It was simple yet bold with minimal jewelry and a deep v neckline. She looked completely radiant.” – Colleen

Kristen Bell
Golden Globes Best Dressed

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“Kristen Bell has been a best dressed pick two years in a row! We loved the drama of the plunging neckline and her hair and makeup were perfection.”- Kelly

Naomie Harris
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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“Glitzy gowns were a big theme at last night’s show, but we found ourselves thinking they were all gaudy or uninteresting…except for Naomie Harris. She looked sexy and sophisticated. We love the plunging neckline and the pale gold shade…and those statement earrings were killer.” – Lauren

Michelle Williams
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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“We imagine a lot of people hated Michelle’s look, but we love how she constantly makes unique choices. The lace off-the-shoulder dress and tied choker isn’t an ensemble that just anyone could pull off, but she nailed it. The combination paired perfectly with her pixie cut, minimum makeup, and porcelain skin.” – Lauren

Reese Witherspoon
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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“Resse’s look is simple and elegant for the red carpet. The color made her stand out from the rest of the crowd and showed her beautiful curves. The necklace couldn’t have been a better fit with the strapless, deep-v cut of the dress. Not to mention, she rocked the leg slit!” – Aly

Lilliana Vazquez
Golden Globes Best Dressed
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Our client, Lilliana Vazquez looked absolutely stunning in her Hayley Paige dress for the live preshow on NBC. We are obsessed with the detail and color on her. Lilliana covered all of her favorite fashion moments, best dressed picks and top trends that were featured on the red carpet this year. Check them out below!


Boss Lady: Gabrielle and Brittney Flank

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business.This week we chat with Gabrielle & Brittney Flank, sisters and founders of The Frosting Company, an Artisan product line that is free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and artificial preservatives. These two inspirational ladies share their story of hardwork and dedication as young entrepreneurs all while spreading awareness.
The Frosting Company

1. Tell us about yourselves and your career.
: I am an 18 year old high school senior, Huffington Post blogger, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker who promotes a message of positivity.
Brittney: I am 24 years old and I am a graduate of DeSales University with a degree in communication. I am the co-owner of the Frosting Company and enjoy spending time with my family and giving back.

2. What is a typical work day like for you ladies?
No two days are ever the same. We usually start with a morning meeting where we go over what we want to accomplish for the day. Gabrielle is a senior in high school and has to schedule time to do her school work. Brittney usually is the one to check and respond to emails. We manufacture all of our products in house and mid-day we work together on fulfilling orders.

3. Where did the inspiration behind the Frosting Company come from?
The inspiration for the Frosting Company came after Gabrielle was diagnosed with cancer. Because of Gabrielle’s diagnosis we became aware of the harmful chemicals and toxins in many of the beauty products we were using. We learned that your skin is your largest organ and after Gabrielle’s cancer diagnoses we became aware that a large percentage of what you put onto your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. We wanted to design products that we felt safe using, were beneficial and that everyone could enjoy!

With our passion and love for natural products we decided to create our own line of Artisan products that are free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and artificial preservatives.

4. Starting a company with your sister must be so exciting, how do you delegate who does what in the company?
Being sisters is a really great advantage because we know each other so well. We know each other’s strengths and weakness and can play off of that.
Gabrielle: I have always had a love and passion for science. So formulating products came naturally to me.
Brittney: I was a communications major in college and have always enjoyed the administrative, creative, and marketing aspects.

The Frosting Company

5. Can you explain how your products are made and what makes them so different from other products?
Our story is one that people can really relate to. It is important to us to use organic, fair-trade, food grade and natural ingredients. We use the finest and most delectable ingredients in order to create a luxurious experience each and every time. We wanted to create a line that was great for your skin and that people enjoyed using at any age.

6. What has been your most successful form of marketing so far?
Social media by far has been our most successful form of marketing. It is amazing how technology allows people to connect with each other from around the globe. Because of social media we are able to communicate directly to our consumers with a push of a button.

7. Where would you like to see The Frosting Company in the next 5 or so years?
In 5 years we would like to see the Frosting Company as a household brand. We want to work to continue to educate people to know that what you put onto your skin is just as important as what you eat.

8. Who is a #BossLady that inspires you?
A #BossLady that inspires us the most is without a doubt our Mom. She is an entrepreneur herself and continues to give us guidance and inspiration. Our Mom is our biggest cheerleader and has always encouraged us to pursue our dreams.

Behind The Bosses: Gabrielle and Brittney’s Mood Board
Gabrielle and Brittney's Mood Board More on Gabrielle, Brittney and The Frosting Company:
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Boss Lady: Danielle Bouchat-Friedman

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business. This week we sit down with Danielle Bouchat-Friedman, associate editor of Delaware Today and editor of Delaware Main Line Bride and 302Health. Danielle reveals the exciting hustle of the news business and shares her insider tips for how you can be a boss lady in the industry too.



1. Tell us a little about yourself and your career.
I grew up in Pittsburgh and I think from a very young age I knew I wanted to be a writer. In middle school, my eighth grade English teacher Mr. Diskin had us keep a daybook, which was essentially a diary that he would read and grade. We had to write a minimum of five entries a week, but I always wrote more, because I just loved writing. It came naturally to me. I graduated from The University of Delaware with a BA in English with a concentration in Business and Technical Writing. I also received my Masters in Professional Writing from Chatham College. My first job was at The News Journal. I became addicted to the fast pace of it—the deadlines and the unpredictable hours. From there, I moved to Westchester, N.Y., where I worked for a small weekly newspaper covering the city of New Rochelle. I got out of the newspaper business for a bit when I got a job as an editor for a science textbook company. But I desperately missed the excitement of the newsroom. I returned to Delaware and became the beat reporter for the Hockessin Community News, another weekly. For almost two years, I have been with Today Media—I am currently Associate Editor of Delaware Today, where I write the monthly StyleSpy column. I am also the editor of Delaware/Main Line Bride and 302Health, both published twice a year.

2. What made you want to work in the publishing world?
Believe it or not, I specifically remember watching the 1989 “Batman” movie starring Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Basinger played Vicki Vale, a beautiful newspaper reporter. I remember watching the movie and thinking her job was so exciting. I was so enthralled with how much ‘power’ she seemed to have in such a male-dominated field! (Obviously at the age of eight, I didn’t understand that it was her sexuality that she often used to her advantage.)

3. Describe a typical workday.
There really is no typical workday for me, which can be both fun and a bit stressful. In the magazine world, we are always working many months ahead, so planning and organization are very important skills to have. I am always jotting down potential story ideas, researching trends and keeping up to date on new businesses that are opening. I try and write at least one web exclusive article per week for, depending on what I have going on; I also write our weekly Dining Insider blog, which is included in our weekly newsletter; I write all branded content articles for Delaware Today and Delaware Business Times; I write the monthly StyleSpy column for Delaware Today and anything else my editor assigns me; I am also in charge of Delaware/Main Line Bride and 302Heath, our bi-annual publications. Although they only come out twice a year, I am always researching trends, topics and story ideas; writing articles, assigning stories and planning photo shoots, and maintaining relationships with local businesses. That is a skill that I learned early on as a weekly newspaper reporter that I think has carried me through this business. I think it is very important to nurture those relationships, and I a make a huge effort to do so.

4. How has the publishing industry changed since you started your career?
To say the publishing industry has changed is of course a gross understatement. I think the key, however, is to embrace change, and the new opportunities the Internet has created. Delaware Today is able to reach such a larger audience now with the help of social media and our website, but we are also very lucky that print journalism, in particular magazine journalism, is still thriving. People love to say that print is dead—When they say that, they are mixing newspapers, monthly magazines, and weekly magazines as if they are all the same—but they’re not. In the past decade, my role as a journalist has expanded to now include such tasks as: posting to many/all social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; knowing how to write for the web, including how to write SEO-friendly headlines; taking photos and video; and using software such as Photoshop and InDesign.

5. What inspires you and fuels your creativity?
I get to meet so many interesting and amazing people and tell their stories—how many people can say that? For StyleSpy, I often think about my grandma—she had impeccable style. She and I were shopping buddies growing up—I hope I inherited a bit of her fashion sense. I am also a voracious reader, so I am always looking to tell a story that has yet to be told. If the story has been told, I want to find a way to tell it differently or better for our readers.

6. Who is a Boss Lady that you admire and why?
I have met so many amazing women over the years, but a woman who is a constant source of inspiration in my life is my younger sister, Sydney. Eight years my junior, she is currently a senior financial risk governance analyst for Key Bank while also earning her MBA from the Kelley School of Business getting straight A’s I might add!

7. What advice do you have for women in business?
Women—especially in this field, need to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. I think women are still afraid to voice their opinions or ideas, and that needs to stop. I think it’s important to always keep your finger on the pulse at all times—my editor knows I am reliable and can always come to me for story ideas. Simply put, my best advice is to work hard, but to squeeze in a little fun, too.



Danielle would like to thank Michalyn Falco and Gina Davis, from Pagave Salon and Spa, for doing her hair and makeup.


Boss Lady: Katrina Caspelich

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business.This week we chat with Katrina Caspelich, founder of Kiss and Wear, a blog transformed into a lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines the perfect mix of west coast cool and east coast chic. Katrina shares with us everything from her inspirations to advice for young fashion gurus.   Boss Lady: Katrina Caspelich

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career.
I’m originally from San Diego, CA but moved to NYC right out of college. I was so eager to start working I didn’t even walk at my college graduation (which I kind of regret to this day as I’ve had a few nightmares about not graduating). The first job I had in NYC was at a high-fashion modeling agency called Race Model Management as a junior booker. The transition from CA to NY workwise was pretty easy for me as I worked at Jet Set, a modeling and talent agency as a booker in San Diego as well. After a year at the agency, I decided to pursue my dream of being a fashion editor. I eventually got a fashion editor gig working for an online magazine called Page Daily and finally got to attend Fashion Week, which was a childhood goal of mine. Although I thought I had “made it,” I wasn’t getting paid much as an editor, so I took a part-time job at Billabong in Soho. Because of that retail job, I forever hang clothing I try on in a fitting room and neatly put back items I do not purchase. After the magazine I worked for closed, I got a job as a content manager at a fashion start-up, The Impression, which focused more on the creative and behind-the-scenes aspect of the fashion industry. It was here I learned a lot about websites and content creation in general. It also helped that my boss took me under his wing and was willing to let me experiment, pushing my creative boundaries. Although I did enjoy working for the start-up, I ended up doing in-house PR and marketing for a scarf brand called Bindya NY. As a child I always loved accessories so working at a company that made them only seemed appropriate. I probably learned the most at this company. Not only did I do PR, I eventually ended up doing sales and helping with production. I was able to see the complete cycle of fashion from beginning concept to in-store display. And the whole process intrigued me.

2. What is a typical workday like for you?
Each morning, I wake up and spend a good 15 minutes in bed answering emails and updating social media. Once out of bed, I put on my contacts (as I am blind without them). I usually have breakfast (sliced bananas and peanut butter on a waffle or some sort of unhealthy sugary cereal) then start working. Recently, I’ve started freelancing in addition to running Kiss & Wear. So, each day, I go to the office I freelance for for about 4 hours, come home around 2pm and work on Kiss & Wear for the rest of the day. Daily, I update the website, fulfill orders and press requests, shoot fun images for social media, reach out to buyers, work on content, and go back and forth with suppliers. I also Google a ton of how-to’s because most of the time it’s just me running the show. I try to work until 6 or 7pm because if I don’t put a time limit on work, I won’t stop. At that time I usually treat myself to a nice home cooked meal and catch up on reality TV.

3. What was your inspiration behind starting your blog, Kiss & Wear?
My best friend, Lindsay, and I started the blog right after Page Daily, the online magazine we were both working for folded. I actually met Lindsay at Page Daily; we didn’t really like each other at first. I guess we’re living proof that first impressions aren’t always correct. Anyways, she was the beauty editor and I was the fashion editor; at the time, it only seemed natural to start our own thing. It allowed us to continue to pursue our passions and keep in contact with all the connections we had made throughout the years working at the magazine. We came up with the name Kiss & Wear because it was the perfect play on beauty and fashion; the two things we loved and wanted to write about.

Boss Lady: Katrina Caspelich

4. On your website you have a charity tab. Can you tell us what charities you collaborate with etc? Any specific that are near and dear to you?
Right now, I’ve only collaborated with Bright Pink which is the only national non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. In the future, I would love to work with more cancer charities as I lost my dad to the disease 3 years ago.

5. How did the idea of the Kiss & Wear blog escalate into an online store? A successful one at that matter!
Thanks for adding successful, haha! Although I had stopped blogging for quite some time, Kiss & Wear was a brand name I always liked; it was catchy, a bit sentimental, and for a brand, it was a play off loving what you wear. So to me, the online store kind of grew organically from the blog. I always wanted to launch my own accessories line and I already had the Kiss & Wear domain name, so why not try it out?

6. What has been your most successful form of marketing?
As far as marketing, my friends and family have been the best marketing tool. Not only are they my biggest cheerleaders, they spread the word and sport my items on a regular basis. It’s through their support; I’ve been able to gain a following. If you were looking for a more technical answer, it’s probably been my Kiss & Wear Clique series. Each month I like to feature a successful woman in the fashion, beauty, or lifestyle industries. I get to share their story and in turn, they share their write up with their audience, which obviously drives major traffic to the site.

Boss Lady: Katrina Caspelich

7. What has been your favorite role so far, whether is be a blogger, designer, or maintaining the store?
My favorite role so far is being an entrepreneur. Ask anyone who has started a company. It’s truly been such a rewarding and humbling experience. Every time I get stressed or break down emotionally from work, I tell myself that I am lucky. To be able to pursue my dreams and make money off of my passion is something I can’t take for granted. My future goal is to grow Kiss & Wear into the next must-have lifestyle accessory brand like In the meantime, I’ll just live in the moment and have fun.

8. What advice would you pass along to aspiring lifestyle bloggers and fashion designers like yourself?
I’ll never forget part of a quote by Marie Forleo. She said, “Guts are required if we’re going to do anything meaningful with our time here on earth.” I totally agree. If you’re aspiring to be or do anything, the hardest part is actually going for it. It’s scary and takes a lot of courage. So, my advice would be to follow your dreams and when things become difficult (because they will be), to never give up. With bravery and a lot of determination, I truly believe anything can be achieved.

9. Who is a #bosslady that inspires you?
This may be random but I really look up to Lady Gaga. Not only is she super talented, she’s such a wonderful role model to girls. She is true to herself and praises individuality. She isn’t afraid to act smart, dress for herself, focus on things other than her body, be odd, and have a stage name like Lady Gaga. From being bullied to bad reviews, she’s always overcoming which makes her such an inspiration. In addition to her talent and originality, she also gives back. Whether she donates money or brings awareness about a specific issue, she uses her celebrity status for a good cause, which I admire. She truly embodies what success means to me.

Behind the boss: Katrina Caspelich’s Mood Board
Behind The Boss
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