Houppette’s Kennett Square Boutique Opens

Houppette boutique in Kennett Square, PA

The doors opened and angels burst into song! OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but it is how we feel about our favorite beauty boutique (and client), Houppette, opening its second location in Kennett Square. No more excuses for not having the perfect shade of lipgloss or signature scent of perfume. The ladies of Houppette are experts when it comes to all things beauty, so we asked Cristi Miller (owner extraordinaire) what her top five “Fabulous Fall Must Haves” are:

  1. A burgundy and/or nude lip – Retire the light pinks and oranges of the summer season and reach for a bold, new palette. A few top picks are Kevyn Aucoin’s Blood Roses (a deep, wine color) or Nude Neotiana for a more subtle, neutral look.
  2. Lip Treatment – Before you rock your new lipstick, exfoliating and conditioning your lips is very important. Cristi recommends Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment to remove dead, flaking skin and to plump the lip before applying color. I bet it’s a step you have never tried, but, once you do, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing.
  3. New scent for fall– Just like makeup colors change with the seasons, so should your fragrance. Cristi’s preference is Rogue Bunny Rogue’s “Tenera” which is a warm scent combining the sweetness of vanilla with the intense aroma of dark rum and black pepper. The result is a perfume perfectly complimentary to your layered, cozy, fall fashions.
  4. Facial exfoliant – In addition to your lip treatment, it is equally important to prep the face after applying sunscreen and self-tanner all season. Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish refines and hydrates the skin to give it a healthy glow. This formulation is made up of strawberry seeds and brown sugar and smells as good as it feels.
  5. Facial Serum – Months of sun exposure can cause brown spots and crepiness on your face. Obviously, NOT a good thing. However, to fight the signs of aging, Cristi suggests Diamond White Serum from Natura Bisse. This powerful formula is designed to help regulate melanin production and visibly lighten the skin to give a more even tone. Much better.

Located on the corner of State Street (101 W State Street to be precise) across from Talula’s Table, Houppette’s newest location is the cornerstone of what has become a very fashionable street to shop. Houppette’s regular hours are weekdays from 10am to 5:30pm, Saturday’s 10am to 5pm and Sunday’s 11am to 3pm. Stop in and let the knowledgeable and friendly ladies of Houppette help answer all of your beauty questions!

*article originally posted September 6, 2015 in the Unionville Times



Monday Makeover: Lush Lashes

Monday makeover: Lush Lashes

Are you intimidated by the thought of applying false eyelashes? So are we! In an attempt to face our fear, we surfed the internet for the best tips and tricks. Our favorite step-by-step tutorial is from Cosmopolitan. Not only did we learn the easiest way to put them on, this particular post also included how to find the proper lash according to your eye shape…which is something we had never thought of before!  There is a simple test (using a pencil) to help determine if you have close-set or wide-set eyes. This very important factor will dictate what type of false lashes to purchase.

Can’t wait to try? Click here to read all of the details!


Guest Post: Cassie Brewer

6 Tips To Avoid a Makeup Meltdown When You Have Oily Skin

Does it feel like the oil slick on your skin could become an environmental hazard? You know how easy it is for your makeup to suffer a meltdown when you have oily skin, but there are easy ways to ensure it sticks around and maintains a polished, flawless complexion. Read on to discover them.

cassie brewer: beauty tips for oily skin
Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Blot, Don’t Powder

It can be tempting to pack on the face powder to soak up any excess oil, but this can actually cause your skin’s pores to create even more oil. Plus, you can clog them, leading to breakouts. Only apply a matte, translucent face powder to areas that suffer from excess shine, such as your forehead and chin. Instead of wearing too much powder, carry blotting papers with you. By gently pressing these onto your skin, you get rid of shine without ruining your perfectly applied makeup.

Avoid Layers of Product

If a truckload of beauty items gets applied to your skin even before your foundation goes on, this can lead to product overload. A classic offender for oily skin is your can’t-go-without-it sunscreen product. Since it is applied last before your foundation, its greasy consistency can leave your skin with a film of oiliness. This is exacerbated by the moisturizer you’re wearing underneath. You definitely don’t want to skip the sunscreen, but choose a moisturizer that already contains SPF in it. This will protect your skin against the damaging sun while preventing product overload and oiliness.

Make it Matte

You should never go without priming your skin before applying makeup. Primer helps the foundation applied after it to stick to your skin, creating a flawless finish. Make sure the primer is matte, though, so that it will absorb any excess oil your skin produces throughout the day. A primer meant specifically for your eyelids is also a must to prevent horrid eye shadow creases or color fade, and this is especially important if the skin on your eyelids is prone to feeling oily.

cassie brewer: beauty tips for oily skin
Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Get Your Hands on a Facial Spray

When the weather is hot, your oily skin will feel even oilier than usual. You want to use a product that will cool down your skin while preventing a makeup meltdown. A facial mist, mineral spray, or hydration spray comes in handy here. These help to keep your skin moisturized and cool, giving you a fresh-faced appearance.

You can also make your own facial mist. Use two bags of pomegranate or green tea and add them to a cup of boiled water. If you have oily skin, you want to add in a teaspoon of witch hazel to the cup of tea. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and use it on your skin to revitalize and hydrate it while keeping oil under wraps! This provides the perfect, refreshed complexion on which to apply makeup.

Don’t Dehydrate!

It’s incorrect to think you need to dry out your skin if it is oily. You actually need to keep your skin moisturized because if you don’t, this will make your skin produce more oil! Keep your skin hydrated with a light moisturizer so that you don’t clog your pores with a thick product consistency or give your complexion too much shine. This will keep your skin looking healthy while preventing any oiliness from showing up.
Choose Oil-Fighting Ingredients

Another important way to make your skin oil-free so that your makeup stays put is to choose skincare products that contain ingredients which mop up excess oil. These include glycolic acid, a popular ingredient found in skin brightening products because it clears away dead skin so that your skin is radiant; caffeine; and salicylic acid (found in anti-blemish solutions). Look for these in your cleansers so that your daily skin washing routine becomes part of your oil-free and fabulous appearance.

cassie brewer: beauty tips for oily skin
Image courtesy of Shutterstock


Monday Makeover: Topshop

monday makeover: topshop

Beauty lovers take note, Topshop now offers your daily beauty essentials and on-trend makeup for special occasions. This spring, we’re particularly loving their shade of bright cherry for both lips and cheeks. Play up your eyes à la Cara Delevingne with a smokey brown eye shadow and eyebrow pencil. For makeup inspiration and how to’s check out our beauty board on Pinterest here.