Michelle Krusiec Point of Origin

As a mother of two, actress, and advocate of domestic violence Michelle Krusiec’s story is inspiring. Her kids and husband are a constant source of inspiration for the next chapter. She shares her life story on her blog.

Michelle Krusiec grew up in a domestic violence household and as a result, personally understands the effects of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Her parents were also exposed to similar conditions in their youth. They too are also survivors.

Now that Krusiec is a parent, abuse and trauma inflicted on children in unstable homes is something she hopes to help shed a light on. Abuse comes in so many forms. Silence is one of them. The Arts saved her life during a time where she did not have a voice. Helping give survivors a voice to their stories is one path towards healing.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of your voice and story. Read more


Wisdom from Mom on Mother’s Day

Carroll: My mother has taught me the power of happiness, love and to trust your inner voice. Her positive attitude, energy and ability to enjoy every day to the fullest inspires me. 

mothers day wisdom

Sydney: The greatest lesson my mom passed onto me was of the power of kindness. No matter who she was talking with or the situation she always chose to handle the situation with kindness. I swear that positivity helped her succeed in her personal and professional life even on the darkest of days.

lessons from mom

Lauren: My mom always says, “For every action, there’s a reaction.” It was super annoying to hear when I was younger, but now I appreciate the truth in the words and I find myself approaching every decision with that philosophy in mind.

lessons from mom

Kelly: My mother always stressed to us that “friends may come and go, but sisters are forever”. It’s a sentiment that I have drilled into my boys, as well. Even though they love to beat each other up, I know that their bond is strong.

mothers day wisdom


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mother's day gifts

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