Monday Makeover: Nail Envy

Monday Makeover: Nail Envy

We love the idea of nail art; but, it is always a challenge to find something trendy that doesn’t seem too childish. While scrolling through Instagram, we found this great picture from A Piece of Toast. The red and pink geometric design is subtle enough to wear to work without raising eyebrows.

Mastering the art of this type of manicure takes patience and practice. There are a million tutorials out there in cyberspace, but we like this one from Style Motivation. With thirty-eight different options to choose from, there is a design for everyone.


Retail Therapy

retail therapy

There’s nothing quite as satisfying  as a little retail therapy on a gloomy winter day. The rush, to me, is as exciting as jumping out of an airplane! (not that I have EVER done that….or, ever would…but, I think it must be thrilling, right?)

On my mind lately are statement sweatshirts and t-shirts. There are pictures all over Pinterest of cute, casual t’s combined with big, chunky rhinestone necklaces. Adorable!

I also really want a tiny, middle finger set of rings. I never succumbed to the pressure of the multiple pierced ear look….but, I think that these rings achieve the same “edgy” vibe without leaving a permanent mark!

Nail stickers. I love the variety of pattern and color in these convenient packages! No drying time is an extra little bonus! How cute are the pink polka dots?

I realize that material things aren’t the key to happiness….but, they sure make me smile! Happy shopping!

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