Highlights from Simply Stylist

We had so much fun this past weekend at Simply Stylist in New York City. Hosted by the ever so stylish Catt Sadler, the event brought together some of today’s biggest names in fashion and beauty. Simply Stylist connects key tastemakers to share, inspire and educate attendees (like us) who want to know about their thoughts and experiences. It’s a very personal way to learn from some of the major influencers like Joe Zee, Hannah Bronfman (of HBfit.com and the Beautified App), and Danielle Bernstein (of We Wore What) just to name of few. Some highlights that we just have to share are below:

1. Actress and founder of What the Chung?, Jamie Chung always Instagrams on or around 12pm New York time so more eyes from around the world have a chance to see it during their meal breaks…we are definitely testing this theory out.

2. Elenor Mak of Keaton Row discussed the power of being nice to everyone. Her point was that it just makes life (and business) way easier.

3. Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior shared with us her four b’s of blogging: brave, building, balance and branding. These are now on our inspiration board.

4. Celebrity stylist Madison Guest said fashion is moving away from grunge and moving towards lady like dressing so stock up on full skirts now!

5. Senior editor of Marie Claire, Jessica Minkoff says she is constantly checking in with her work friends (both current and former). This kind of communication allows for honesty, perspective, and help whenever she needs it from those she trusts.

We also had the chance to meet some of the awesome fellow attendees, who we hope to introduce to you on our Boss Lady series so be on the look out. A huge thank you goes out to Sarah Boyd for putting together such an amazing event!

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Guest Post: Supal of chevrons & éclairs

Today, we are very excited to have Supal Desai from chevrons & éclairs share with us some of her favorite design touches found in a New York City apartment. The details are unexpected and gorgeous! We think you’ll love it.

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartment

Lilly Bunn's redesign of a New York city apartmentSupal’s song choice to set the mood: Hugo Hans – Wildrunners 

“A bit of femininity, funk, flair and fun. Lilly Bunn’s redesign of this lovely New York City apartment has rejuvenated it from its past. With spots of color among the white walls and sensual curves and lines that brings out nothing but the best details. Each element and pattern, if you can’t tell already, is oh so carefully picked and placed. If you’re looking for some proper inspiration for a bachelorette pad, don’t look any further. Combining all of every girl’s favorite elements of leopard print, floral touches, and exotic hues, you could do no wrong. So, when can I move in?”



Fashion Week Bloggers

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I have been obsessing over everything about Fashion Week in NYC! Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite feasible to shuttle back and forth to the Big Apple to see the shows (nevermind that I never received an invitation inside any tent)

Alas, what is an out of town fashionista to do? Follow some lucky bloggers on Instagram, that’s what!

The gorgeous photos and backstage scoop make you feel like front row celebs! (almost)

I would have LOVED to see the collection from JCrew in person; but, following them on the web and Instagram was a close second.

In fact, Instagram has been an amazing way to stay connected to all things Fashion Week!

My current list of favs are…
Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black
Dallas from Dallas Shaw Blog
Kelly from The Glamourai
Rachel from Pink Peonies




New York City Inspiration

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to be inspired and recharge your batteries. This past weekend I went to Manhattan to visit a close friend. The train ride was the perfect 95 minute trip. I sipped on a piping cup of coffee while I worked on a project and responded to emails.

When I arrived in the city, we ventured to the West Village for brunch at Extra Virgin. The West Village is my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan, especially this time of year. I love the holiday decorated town homes and the Christmas trees for sale on the street corners. After shopping in the nearby boutiques we headed uptown to Henri Bendel to buy a few gifts. We spent hours walking, taking in the energy around us. In the evening we headed to the East Village for pasta and to 5 Ninth in the Meatpacking District for drinks.

Some people feel exhausted and stressed from the city, but I think it’s the best place to go when you need some sparkle and creativity.

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