In a New York (Fashion) Minute

Last week, our social media feeds were filled with snapshots and tweets from New York as fashion week was in full swing. We were lucky enough to attend both the Vivienne Tam and Veronica Beard fall shows where we were instantly inspired and equally excited.

Viviane tam fall 2016images via

Vivienne Tam debuted an eclectic mix of patterns and fabrics. We were especially drawn to the knitwear styled with funky pants and cute shoes. Somehow the designer rejuvenated our love of cold weather fashion.

veronica beard fall 2016image via

Over at The Highline Hotel, Veronica Beard presented gorgeous outerwear and a lesson on layering. We left knowing that turtlenecks are the key and mixing masculine with feminine styles are going to be big next fall.


What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been a busy (but fun) summer here at SS and we wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been up to. While new clients officially opened for business, others launched new endeavors and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them all!

jill martin

We’ve started working with the talented Jill Martin, a New York Times best selling author, TODAY show contributor, broadcaster for the Knicks and creative director of QVC’s G.I.L.I line.

blown away dry bar and salon

Kelly has been working hard in preparation for the grand opening of Blown Away, the first dry bar and salon in the Kennett Square area. It’s officially open and Sydney is already hooked!

happy cat farm website design

Happy Cat Farm, the sustainably operated farm and nursery, launched their new website and blog, which Lauren designed and developed.

west village, nyc

In New York, Lauren met with client Lilliana Vazquez to review and strategize for upcoming projects, including Lilliana’s debut on the Meredith Vieira Show (9/8/15). Lauren also went behind the scenes at the TODAY show for filming of Lilliana’s style segments.

challenges abroad

Carroll has teamed up with FutureSense Foundation to bring the Challenges Abroad program to the US. Challenges Abroad offers volunteer focused internships, study abroad programs and more in an effort to develop student’s skills and make a meaningful impact abroad.

jade retreat in costa rica

We’re are absolutely loving one of our newer clients Jade Retreat, but who wouldn’t when it’s located where the jungle meets the ocean in Costa Rica? It’s the perfect place for yoga, surfing and more.

beachside rehoboth

July was the opening month for our client, Beachside Rehoboth, a casual, fun beach restaurant focusing on fresh and local food. The idea for the place is brought to you by local favorites Dave Dietz and Jay Caputo.


Boss Lady: Pamela Barsky

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business. Today we chat with New York-based designer Pamela Barsky. She is the artist behind the sassy hand-screened pouches and clutches you’ve seen all over social media. (Both Kelly and Sydney love theirs!) Pamela shares how her business began, who handles her Instagram, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and more.


1. Tell us a little about yourself and your career.
I  was born in Detroit, schooled in Colorado, spent most of my grown up years in Los Angeles, and the last five years in New York. I started out writing advertising which was really fun, but a bit like a game of musical chairs. Eventually the music stopped and I had nowhere to sit. After that, I opened what you’d now call a curated lifestyle shop, only then we just called it a gift store. When it got decimated by the Northridge earthquake, I started designing things to fill my shelves and the rest is how you say, history.

2. Have you always gravitated towards the creative world, in terms of work and/or your personal life
You mean there is something other than a creative life?

3. What prompted you to begin designing your own products? 
A big earthquake, a spiral binding machine, and a crazy machine whiz who helped me turn it into something that would punch through the covers of vintage books.

4. Do you ever get attached to your creations?
I do not get attached to things at all. In fact, I have very little of what I design at home. I guess being a designer is a bit like being a mom. When you are doing it right, your babies are supposed to find a life outside of the nest.

5. Where do you see Pamela Barksy, the brand, in 5 years?
Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine where I’ll be in five years. However, I hope I have a printer that works.

reese witherspoon with pamela barsky

reese witherspoon

6. What is your most successful form of marketing?
I used to work the marketing thing a lot; sending out press samples and taking lots of people to lunch. It is much easier living in New York and having a store in Chelsea Market. The important people just seem to know. Oh yes, and my husband does the Instagram.

7. Who is a Boss Lady that you admire and why?
Nancy Silverton because I love that she spent a full year perfecting the dough for the pizza at Mozza.  I’d never have the patience for that.  Also, Diane Von Furstenburg because she doesn’t seem to notice everyone in fashion is younger than her, nor does it seem to let it bother her.

Lady Gaga with Pamela Barsky bag

lady gage

8. How do you gear up for work? Then, on the flip side, how do you relax after work?
I really work when I feel like it which is most of the time. Living here in New York which has such a hamster wheel work culture, I find it easy to think about work constantly. However, dinner at Prune with my wonderful husband, Fabio always helps me relax. And I never ever ever miss pilates.

bobby flay with pamela barsky

bobby flay

9. What inspires you and fuels your creativity?
Everything inspires me. Except housework. That just sucks the life out of me.

10. What advice do you have for those looking to go from employee to entrepreneur?
Don’t do it unless you really feel like you are going to die if you don’t because owning your own business is the most time consuming, annoying, difficult, frustrating job on the planet.  And while the rewards can be great, if you are not ready to give it every iota of your love and attention, you might as well stay working for someone who contributes to your 401k.

behind the boss Pamela Barsky

dedicated area  | illustrations | painting  | gift wrap | embroidery | coin purse | decor


More on Pamela:
Website | Shop | Instagram




In a New York (Fashion Week) State Of Mind

Twice a year, New York City hosts fashion week where international brands showcase their designs for the seasons ahead. In addition to this crazy week you’ll find interesting street style, innovative beauty and cool collaborations. Last week, some of our team members ventured to a few shows and were left inspired, dazzled and tired. Here’s what we saw:

Alice + Olivia: we fell in love with the late 1960s/early 1970s vibe. There was a bit of boho meets rock-n-roll with a touch of femininity, all of which left us wanting more.

alive + olivia 2015

alive + olivia 2015

Katie Ermilio: one of our new favorite designers offered another beautiful show. Minimalism was the theme as fabrics and silhouettes took center stage. We absolutely loved these two red modern pieces.

Katie Ermilio fall 2015

Desigual: it was very exciting to see a collection designed in part by Christian Lacroix. The colors were bright, the prints were mixed and the textures were vast.

desigual fall 2015

Dee Ocleppo: held in a suite at the Plaza and featuring a Grace Kelly portrait and an Eloise doll, this presentation was a New York moment. The line showcased satchels, totes, and clutches with an array of embellishment, most notably exquisite gems and detailed embroidery.

dee ocleppo fall 2015

Veronica Beard: a mixture of prep and downtown cool. We fell in love with the maroon tights paired with plaid as well as the idea of mixing stripes with camo.

veronica beard fall 2015