TedxWilmington: An Inspirational Experience

We had the privilege of attending the TedxWilmington event last week at the World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware. The day-long conference hosted speakers from client Karissa Thacker to Senator Chris Coons, along with 36 others from around the world. The theater was filled with laughs, tears, songs, jaw dropping moments, cheers, and standing ovations for these courageous and inspirational people from the time organizer Ajit Mathew George stepped on stage for introductions to the end. Below are some of those whose inspriring words have stuck with us.

Pina De Rosa + Adriana LaCorte  @SOCHugAPup
TedxWilmington Sniffing Out Cancer

Pina De Rosa is a mindset effectiveness expert and Adriana La Corte a cinematographer, who have paired together to produce the groundbreaking documentary Sniffing out CancerThis project sheds light on how dogs can detect cancer quicker than any medical equipment with a 99.1% accuracy rating. Pina De Rosa’s trusty companion, Wellington Doodle accompanied her on the trip and fell asleep on the red carpet.

TedxWilmington Sniffing Out Cancer

 Yolanda Schlabach
TedxWilmington Yolanda Schlabach

Yolanda Schlabach is the executive director of Zoe Ministries, Inc, who came to spread awareness about the human trafficking trade in our own backyards. Delaware is known as one of the biggest areas in the U.S for sex trafficking due to the major highway, I-95. The top three tips that were shared on dealing with this world wide issue were:
1. Educate yourself.
2. Call Legislators.
3. Familiarize yourself with sex trafficking centers in the area.
Yolanda also shared with us that there are more active animal shelters than sex trafficking centers. Spread awareness.

Heather Leah Huddleston 

TedxTalk Heather Huddleston

Heather Leah Huddleston spoke about her experience with post traumatic stress disorder. With many americans suffering from this disease, Heather’s goal is to share her life story beyond PTSD through awareness, health, and healing. She turned to yoga and the Nia Technique to reconnect with her body. “Now I am becoming who I was always meant to be, I am free.”

Karissa Thacker @Karissathacker
TedxWilmington Karissa ThackerOur client Karissa Thacker discusses the importance of why authenticy matters in the workplace. “This 21st century authenticity in the workplace means not being yourself, but being your best self.” She addresses the audience with a couple questions, how do we up the percentage of authentic moments and how to be effective and authentic in your own world? The three fundamentals of authenticity to help answer those questions are as follows:
1. Staying in touch with what matters.
2. We must summon our courarge, step up/ stand up when it really matters.
3. Make your life an authentic work of art.

Allington “Gumption” Creque  @SealtclearBVI
TedxWilmington Grumption
Allington Creque aka “Gumption” is a BVI native who dropped out of eighth grade because of his autism. The title of his talk “9 no’s, one yes” depicted his story of discovering funding for his business idea. He was turned away from nine banks on the islands until he met founder of Virgin Mobile, Richard Branson. Finally with a $50,000 check in hand, Gumption was able to start his dream to open Sea It Clear Tours. Within a month, he was able to pay Richard back after running his business of educating tourists about the ocean and how to conserve the wildlife headed for extinction. “Dream big and reach out for your goals.”

“If we work together as a human race, we can change the world.” – Gumption

Tedxwilmington TedxWilmington

(All Photos used were taken by Moonloop Photography)