Patio Purchases

patio decor

Having an outdoor space to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather is a wonderful addition to any home. Think of it as another room in the house and fill it with the same aesthetic as your indoor decor. That way, the transition from inside to outside will be seamless. With the addition of a few, key pieces, this patio will be complete:

1. Patio Furniture and throw pillows from Angersteins:  We love the nautical theme and the deep, navy color will add a punch to the neutral landscape. Save 20% off all patio furniture and home decor.

2. Galvanized bar cart from Pottery Barn: Entertaining accessories are essential to a great outdoor space. We picture mixing fruity cocktails from this cart all summer long!

3. String lights from Terrain: Pick ANYTHING from Terrain and it would work to add beauty to your surroundings. We chose these twinkling, cafe strand lights and envision them draped in the trees. Instant ambiance!

What items are “must haves” for your outdoor space?


10 Things We’re Loving In March

March Mood Board

1. March is Women’s History Month and on March 8th thousands of events are held throughout the world to celebrate women‘s achievements and inspire the world for the International Women’s Day, check out #MakeItHappen and #ListenLearnLead.

2. Celebrate March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day with fun and delicious cocktails like the Irish Castaway.

3. Ring in the first day of spring with a gorgeous new terrarium from Terrain.

4. Beginning March 27th, Kate Winslet stars in a french historical period piece called  A Little Chaos. The trailer looks beautiful as Kate plays a freethinker gardener at Louis XIV’s Versailles.

5. Take the opportunity to stash digital devices to stop and smell the roses on March 6th and 7th for National Day of Unplugging.

6. Starting March 20th, watch cuties Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Insurgent, the second installment of dystopian trilogy Divergent.

7. Don’t forget to turn all clocks ahead one hour on March 8th. We may lose an hour but at least the days will be longer and soon the weather will be warmer!

8. Warmer weather is right around the corner and so should a new pair of sunglasses. We’re lusting after J Crew‘s updated version of the aviator.

9. Make the mornings easier and perfect the beach hair look with Rockaway’s Salt Spray.

10. The fashionable and fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker turns 50 on March 25th. Have you seen her new shoe collection?


The Monthly Round-Up

monthly roundup: july 2014

1. Pochi Restaurant & Wine Bar’s new website has officially launched! Check it out here.

2. We attended the Diner En Blanc preview party at Terrain and can’t wait for the big event.

3. Fall photo shoots have begun!

4. Sydney & Lauren put together their Summer-To-Fall Favorites for Miss Sophisticate magazine. Take a look!




As we mentioned here in our post, we could not be more excited for this year’s Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia. In honor of this major event, one of our favorite local loves, terrain, held the French Garden Party with Dîner en Blanc. It was certainly a fabulous night and terrain was the perfect setting for the event. If you can believe it terrain was even more picture perfect than usual. Here are some snap shots to prove it. 

Diner en Blanc party at TerrainThere were flower arranging instructions given by Claudia Roux, a Parisian florist and owner of Petit Jardin en Ville. Each arrangement was more beautiful than last. Then guests played a few rounds of the French game, pétanque in the garden, which was surrounded by beautiful table settings by Susan Hutchinson, author of the fabulous French-inspired blog, Fleurishing. The homemade drinks were so festive looking and very delicious. Our favorite was pink and rhuberry flavored.

Diner en Blanc party at Terrain

As soon as we were welcomed to the event, the Social Stylate ladies were blown away at the table setting photographed above. Susan Hutchinson really out did herself and we feel very inspired for our Dîner en Blanc in Philadelphia table settings. Now what to wear…any suggestions?

social stylate at diner en blanc at terrain