6 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Page

With an abundance of daily users worldwide, Facebook is a fountain of potential for your business. There will always be room for improvement and optimization. To increase the success of your business’s Facebook page follow these 6 simple tips.

Social Media Day - 6 Tips For Running A Successful Facebook Page - Social Stylate

1. Incorporate your logo in your profile photo: Keeping your logo prominent and in the viewers mind is essential for creating brand recognition and it also makes it easier for viewers to instantly identify your page.

2. Optimize the cover photo: The first thing viewers see when they visit your page is your profile picture and cover photo. They both help with visually representing and branding your page. Visuals and first impressions are vital on social media so plan them carefully and strategically.

3. Post regularly: Consistently posting relative content increases engagement and helps gain following but don’t forget to keep it fresh, new and exciting so viewers are more likely to engage with it.

4. Use a call-to-action: So you want to increase engagement? Just ask for it! Use phrases such as “like if you love this just as much as we do” or “we love these new bags, which is your favorite color?” You could even use phrases such as “tag a friend you would want to take here” to further increase engagement to new users.

5. Keep it simple: The ideal Facebook post length is 40 characters. Keep your text brief so users are less likely to scroll past your posts.

6. Engage with your followers: Engagement on your end is just as important as engagement from viewers. Users love to feel like their voices are heard. Replying to comments is a great way to keep the attention of your followers and make them feel special so they’ll enjoy returning to your page.




Fox Fodder Farm’s 5 Spring Flower Arrangement Tips

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’ve asked Brooklyn based floral designer, Taylor Patterson, of Fox Fodder Farm, to share her top 5 tips for putting together gorgeous flower arrangements:


fox fodder farm spring flowers


1. Keep it loose.
No need to shove a million flowers into a vase. You can achieve just as easily something beautiful with just a few stems by paying attention to the different elements and how they relate to each other.


2. Stay seasonal.
While peonies may be popping up at the flower shop, its not quite peony time. Stick to what’s really happening in the spring. Cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips… it’s their time to shine right now.


3. Color. Color. Color.
After this dark and dreary winter, a little pop of color provided by a bouquet of of over saturated yellow daffodils or bright blue muscari will pull you out of the winter blues.


fox fodder farm spring flowers


4. Branches!
Spring is the best time to bring branches into your home with cherry, pear, and quince all popping with their beautiful blooms. Cut the smaller pieces off the larger branch and place in bud vases or little bottles around your house. While just a few of the larger branches in a simple glass cylinder or metal bucket can really inspire some spring time vibes.


5. Pot it.
Instead of cut flowers,  bring in some potted flowers such as pansies or even daffodils. These blooms always sing spring to me and by having them in pots they’ll be sure to last much longer than anything cut.




Marketing Tip Tuesday

image for social media tips

While we have our own best practices, we find it useful to attend marketing conferences throughout the year. It’s always helpful to hear what works for others and there’s always new tricks to learn. As you may remember, a few weeks ago we shared with you tips on creating images here, which we learned at Bloggy Boot Camp. Today, we compiled the simple social media tips that speakers at the conference shared with us. The purpose of these tips are to make you more social media savvy, increase your followers and save you time.

Tips for Facebook:

image for Facebook tips

1. Facebook likes high contrast images. These images tend to stand out more and thus, more eyes are likely to see it.

2. Uploading images as a PNG file is crucial, this eliminates the blurriness of your images on Facebook. Furthermore, brand your images to you as to not confuse your audience.

3. Boost at least once a week. Think of boosting a campaign rather than boosting old content.

4. However, post old content. This is an easy way to save time and promote your hard work!

5. Get to know your analytics. Facebook has a great free tool that can show you what works and when it works.

 Tips for Twitter:

image for twitter tips

1. Twitter is about conversing with other people. However, you should also use it as a way to bring traffic to your site or other relevant sites via sharing a link. Sharing is key on Twitter.

2. Don’t auto feed your posts to your Twitter. Rather, creating a new tweet specific to your post will perform better. However, this isn’t the case for linking your Instagram with Twitter (more below).

3. Look up hashtags that are interesting to you and jump in on the conversation. This will keep you relevant and increase your chances of working with other brands.

4. Converse with brands that are relevant to you and that you would love to work with. Twitter is great for making connections.

5. Include your URL in your bio to maximize your about me page.

Tips for Pinterest:

image for pinterest tips

1. Ever go on a Pinterest rampage? Now is the time to change that because it clogs the feed. We’re guilty of it too but you have to be more strategic. People get bored if you’re pinning different versions of the same thing so create a secret board and pin from there throughout the week.

2. When you’re repinning, make sure that the link is safe and working.

3. Find relevant pinners or boards to collaborate with. You will gain their followers eyes and vice versa. Plus, more inspiration for you!

4. Take an extra moment to fill out the description. Pinterest now allows you to search more efficiently so your pins have a better chance of showing up with relevant searches.

5. Share old content from your site or other platforms to increase your traffic.

6. The Pinterest feed likes vertical images rather than horizontal images. A vertical image will stand out and thus, perform better.

Tips for Instagram:

image for instagram tips

1. Participate on Instagram. Much like the other platforms, Instagram is about sharing and conversing.

2. Look up relevant hashtags to interact with, which will gain you more engagement and inspiration.

3. Again participation is key so comment, comment, and comment! People are more likely to share the love if you do the same.

4. Linking your Instagram to Facebook and Twitter will gain you more eyes and save you time from creating separate posts for each platform. Although, we don’t recommend doing it for every Instagram post, rather space it out for what’s relevant at the time.

5. Running contests on Instagram is a great way to gain more followers and engagement. Promoting on other platforms will also increase your traffic.

Hope these tips help you with your social media! If you have any tips to share, we would love to hear from you.



Marketing Tip Tuesday

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Over the past two years we have learned a lot about Facebook. One of the most important lessons learned is that Facebook is a powerful FREE tool. So why not make the most of it? These days almost all companies, big and small, have a Facebook page. As we manage many Facebook pages for different businesses, we have learned some tricks of the trade. Below includes a list we put together of the fundamentals to creating your companies’  Facebook page as a content platform to gain the most exposure.

Marketing Tip Tuesday, Social Stylate, Facebook, Tips, Marketing

1. Keep your posts focused. Have a clear message for each post as well as keep in mind what your brand represents. You don’t want to confuse your followers but rather maintain your Facebook page as another extension of your brand and represent it accordingly.

2. Gain insight of your business through the Facebook analytics. This free tool allows you to understand your costumers in a different way. You can understand what they relate to, want to engage in and what inspires them. At Social Stylate we are always looking at the data to see what works and what doesn’t work.

3. Facebook allows you to customize your tabs on the page. By doing so you can maximize your brand’s other social media platforms and allow your followers to engage even further.

4. It is important to update your Facebook page regularly and an easy way to do so is by using it as a publishing platform. Meaning, if you have a new blog post or company announcement be sure to post it on Facebook! It is a great way to keep your customers in the know.

5. Remember to make each post shareable. You want the content to be visually pleasing and allow the images to be used across your other social media platforms. This ensures the most milage of your content.

6. As humans we love newness so be sure to keep your followers on their toes. Companies like Kate Spade have had tremendous success with flash sales that are only announced on their Facebook page. Engagement remains high as a result.

7. Facebook is also a great tool to create hype for new ventures of your business especially if it involves early access to any new products or a glimpse of a new website. Use effective frequency for the most exposure. Don’t be afraid to remind followers again and again of any contests or campaigns your company is hosting. Switch up the visual but remember to focus your message.

8. Lastly, humans react to exclusiveness so keep this in mind for your Facebook followers. Allow them insight to behind the scenes look at an upcoming photo shoot or let them be the first ones to see glimpses of a new line of product.

Do you have any tips to add?