36 Hours In San Diego

Travel: San Diego

The West Coast is the best coast. With constant sunshine, beautiful beaches, outstanding restaurants and bars, endless hiking, water sports and sight seeing, it’s no wonder people instantly fall in love with the state of California. I was fortunate to stay in San Diego for an entire summer, but that was 8 years ago. After revisiting, I can easily say I will definitely be going back and highly recommend to everyone else to make the trip as well. If I only had 36 hours to do it all, these are the places I’d go…

Check in to the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa right in Mission Bay. Soak up the sun at the poolside bar with refreshing cocktails. You can also head to the Acqua California Bistro for a blissful evening with a savory dinner overlooking the bay.

Liberty Public Market – Your go-to place to find hand-crafted trinkets, amazing food, craft beers, and the friendliest locals.
La Jolla Cove – Housing endless restaurants, the lounging seals, and beach front for miles, La Jolla is a quaint town with attractions for everyone.

Travel: San Diego Point Loma Tide Pools – At low tide, the Point Loma tidepools display tiny marine life and beautiful cliff views of the ocean.

San Diego, California

Harbor Breakfast – Savor a delicious brunch in this breezy semi-outdoor restaurant right in the heart of Little Italy in Downtown San Diego.
Las Olas – In Southern California, Taco Tuesday is no joke. Tucked away next to Cardiff-By-The-Sea, enjoy their authentic Mexican food, local craft beers, and margaritas you’ll forever daydream about.
The Baked Bear – Choose from a variety fresh baked cookies and your choice of ice cream flavor inside for the most delectable ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have.

Travel: San Diego

Vin de Syrah – The Gaslamp district is full of eclectic places to go. My favorite was this underground wine parlor with extravagant details as far as the eye can see.
Altitude Sky Lounge – What better way to enjoy the beautiful city of San Diego than with a rooftop bar!
Crushed – If you love a mimosa as much as I do, you have to take a trip to Crushed for their mimosa flights! Or hang out at night for some mouthwatering tapas and unique drinks in this cozy cafe.


Passion for Coffee: Cafe MonteAgua

Cafe MontéAgua is grown in the Antigua coffee region of Guatemala, a secluded valley between three volcanoes is continuing a story that began thousands of years ago. From the times when ancient Mayans celebrated Chaak, the god of rain, thunder, and the harvest, the precious crop has been coffee. We sat down to chat with founder Alejandro Castañeda to learn more about the inside story of this luxury coffee brand.

Cafe MonteAgua 1. Why did you choose to start the Café MonteAgua brand?
“I decided to start the MonteAgua Brand because ever since I have been traveling to the US, I have felt that the coffee is pretty mediocre at best.  And coming from Guatemala, where some of the best coffees in the world are produced, that didn’t cut it.  So since I have been traveling to Wilmington for the last 25 yrs of my life, I started bringing coffee as gifts and so that I could drink this great coffee as well.  Shooting two birds with one stone if you will.  I started learning about the way coffee is commercialized in the US, statistics and processes.  Who the players are, and how the tendencies go as generations change.  So it became pretty obvious to me, that the time has come in which the US is now ready to enjoy the best coffees.  I am not competing against anybody, I just let my coffees do the talking themselves.  When people try them, invariably they notice the difference.  It is like a pleasant surprise to discover that coffee doesn’t have to be bitter.  That coffee doesn’t have to be cold brewed to take the bitterness away,  That MonteAgua coffees can be brewed, and if you like them cold, cool it and never come close to even wanting to use sugar on them, because they lack the bitterness.”

“You see coffee has a little bitterness to it, but is has to be a hint, not the predominant factor in it.  So I implemented the processes that reassure this.  Some of them are mentioned in an article written in the Delaware Today, Main Line Today, The Hunt and Westchester magazines.  But it is more of an art to me, then it is just a “get it out of the way” mentality. Most of the coffee out there doesn’t go thru such scrutiny.  And it is understandable because it makes it more expensive.  Pricier coffee, pricier processes and longer time to gently roast makes it a pricier option.  However, this is what a luxury item brings to the table. Also, the limited productions that are very carefully chosen gives you a wonderful raw material that exceeds all other.”

2. Can you briefly explain the steps involved in creating a single bag of Café MonteAgua Coffee?
The steps are simple, but flawless;
1. Very controlled and supervised milling process
2. Sun dried to perfection
3. Patient and vigilant rest of the raw beans
4. Careful transportation
5. Delicate roasting
6. Extreme tasting and development
7. Careful rest before packaging for immediate delivery

Cafe MonteAgua

3. What makes this brand more exclusive than other coffee brands out there?
The exclusivity of the brand I guess I explain in the no.1 bullet point.
-Limited production
-Super selected beans, more expensive
-Signature Premier Roasting
-Perfect timing in the fulfillment stage
Cafe MonteAgua
Café MonteAgua comes in three different varieties. No. 12 Premium Roast, No. 14 Premium Roast, and No. 23 Preminum Roast, all three with their own unique smooth and balanced taste for $24.99 a bag. These bags are available in single bag purchases or as a subscription plan where these fresh beans are delivered right to your doorstep. Cafe MonteAgua is available locally in Delaware at Janssens Market.
More on Café MonteAgua:
Website| Instagram | Facebook

What’s In Her Bag: Carroll Ivy Laurence

Carroll is an on-the-go working mom. She’s always seen running, working or on the sidelines watching her boys play sports and recently added a new puppy into her already busy life. Its important that she’s always prepared for a long, busy day. Here’s a peak insider her bag:

What's in Carroll's bag

The Lunch Essentials: I always have water (team fox of course), coffee, and energy bars stashed in my bag for a quick on-the-go lunch.

The Keychain: I love my India Hick tassel keychain from Shop No.109, it helps me find my keys easily in my cluttered bag.

The Lipstick: I’m never caught without my Laura Merceir Lip Colour from Houppette.

The Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a year round staple and I never go anywhere without them. That’s why I like to splurge a little and treat myself to a nice pair of Oakley’s.

My Biggest Obsessions: flea market shopping (you never what kind of unique treasures you can find) and planning my next escape. Jade Retreat in Costa Rica is next on my agenda.


10 Things We’re Loving in July

10 things we're loving in July

From great summer sales to the revival of the Ghostbusters, here are 10 things we’re loving in July:

  1. Join the Delaware Shakespeare Festival from July 15-31, 2016 and get creative with a picnic contest sponsored by Janssen’s Market.
  2. This summer, our very own Jordan Sawyer is thew new ambassador for the stylish and super functional Sand Cloud beach blankets.
  3. In Kennett Square and Greenville, everyone’s favorite one stop shop for all things beauty, Houppette’s big summer sale includes items at 30-50% off!
  4. Going on now, shop Ellie Boutique’s Sweet Summer Sale with up to 50-75% off spring and resort styles. Find items from Trina Turk, Amy Matto, Equipment and much more.
  5. Shop hot summer trends at Christina’s Unique Accessories and more. You’ll find everything from off the shoulder tops to beaded wrap bracelets. Plus, items are now 15-50% off!
  6. Starring Kristen Wig and Melissa McCarthy, watch the hilarious new Ghostbusters revival with all female cast showing in theaters July 15th.
  7. Looking for something chic and fabulous to wear on your summer getaway? Stop by No. 109 Shop for their summer lovin sale with everything in store 30% off today and tomorrow (July 1st – 2nd).
  8. Sit under a stars while playing games at the new outdoor beer garden, The Creamery in Kennett Square. Enjoy local vendors, delicious beer and the beautiful atmosphere!
  9. The ladies of Social Stylate are hitting the road. While Sydney spends July 4th on Martha’s Vineyard, Lauren heads to the West Coast for Santa Barbra. Carroll will take an island escape on Montserrat and Kelly travels to Puerto Rico. Colleen, Jordan and Aly will spend much needed time at the beach.
  10. Recently, team members Sydney, Lauren, Colleen and Carly, stumbled upon the all natural Lavanila deodorant at Houppette in Kenentt Square. Not only does it smells amazing but it also works really well and doesn’t have any nasty ingredients!