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The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

A Year in Review
Facebook’s latest feature shares a personalized video on your news feed of all the meaningful moments of 2016.

Millenials and Social Media 
We all know the millenial generation is always glued to their smart phones and Ipads. Check out these 3 ways why it is evident that social media is changing how millenials consume news.

Youtube Ads
Now that we are gearing up for the new year it is time to reflect back on 2016. Youtube reveals the top videos, music videos, and ads from this year.

No Change For Twitter
Twitter briefly changed the way users can reply using the @ symbol and users went crazy. Twitter claims it was an experiement and they are listening to the users compalints.

Just For Fun
Check out the top 12 worst social media fails that have happened in 2016.


Why Brands Utilize Multiple Twitter Accounts

Why Brands Utilize Multiple Twitter Accounts

The other night I was catching up on my reading list and came across an article with the idea of multiple Twitter accounts. Sure, Twitter is a powerful tool for business that you should be using. But more than one account? It’s hard enough to manage one Twitter account with all of the other social media accounts, I couldn’t image another. Think of it this way: we have multiple phone lines and e-mail accounts for different areas of business. Using the same concept for Twitter allows a business to solely focus on one area of business and as a result, followers have a much greater connection with the brand. Not all businesses would benefit from or see a need for multiple Twitter accounts. In fact, it would probably only be feasible for top brands. I was curious to see who was using it and how so I did a little research. I typed Nike in the search bar on Twitter and sure enough, NIke Running, Nike Tennis, Nike Sportswear popped up. All of their tweets were centered around that specific segment. It’s a genius idea for large brands with many different market segments. Do you see any use for multiple accounts for smaller businesses? What are your thoughts?

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Examples Of How Social Media Helps

social media

Whether clients come to us to map out a marketing plan or to manage their marketing channels, we always incorporate social media. Surprisingly, many clients still look at social media as a trend, something they need to do to stay current. It is our job to make them understand the benefits of social media, what it can do for their business and how it works.

Here are two examples:

Story: Janssens, a Delaware-based grocery store, started offering the Chesapeake Ray, an over-populated stingray-like creature known for devastating oyster and clam beds up and down the Eastern Shore. State officials encouraged restaurants to serve the Ray to help the sea life population in the Chesapeake Bay.
Marketing: We wrote a blog post about the Ray and shared the post on Facebook. We also tweeted the post and included relevant hashtags.
Results: A reporter saw the tweet, read the blog post and called Janssens. A few days later an article appeared in the newspaper aka great press for Janssens!

Story: Wilmington Country Store, a Delaware-based clothing store, carries Sail To Sable tunics and dresses.
Marketing: We shared photos of the Sail To Sable pieces and information about the brand on Facebook and Twitter.
Results: A woman in Wisconsin was searching for Sail To Sable online and came across our Facebook post. She sent the store’s Facebook page a message inquiring about sizes and colors. The woman called the store and had two styles shipped to her. Even without an eCommerce website a sale was made.

Things to remember:
1. Don’t feel like your business needs to be on EVERY Social Media platform. Pick the tools that you can manage regularly and will be the most beneficial to you. For example, don’t waste your time updating an Instagram account if your customers are not Instagram users.
2. Social Media WILL help your SEO (search engine optimization) aka help people find you online.
3. Pay attention to your customers and engagement; when are they responding, what types of things are they responding to etc.





The Sad Tale of Amanda Bynes


Poor Amanda Bynes. This mug shot makes me sad. I could care less that she is a “celebrity”. She looks like any other messed up young kid with her whole life in front of her. Endless potential…wasted. Literally.

On Twitter (of all places), I read a very interesting perspective on Amanda Bynes’ struggles by the actor, Kevin Zegers. Read it here.

Who is Kevin Zegers? Yeah, I wasn’t sure either….so, I Googled him. Apparently, he was in the Air Bud movies and played a role on Gossip Girl. Hardly Oscar caliber, but he had a rather profound opinion that I found worth commenting on. Basically, he believes that as a society, we take pleasure in watching people fall from grace. We stand on the sidelines and watch others go down a dark path, but don’t reach out to guide them until it’s too late. And then, to add insult to injury, we blame them and throw stones.

I can see his point. All too often we hear about kids who drink too much or experiment with pills. We chalk it up to “growing pains” and hope that they will mature. However, with the pressures of today and the lack of anonymity due to social media, when they do get into trouble, it’s no wonder that they struggle to regain their composure. The celebration of a downward spiral is evident in the prevalence of “reality” TV and the idealization for those who push the boundaries both legally and morally. Until we push back with a rejection of this behavior, it will continue to escalate.

Sad, sad, sad.