The Social Scoop

The Social Scoop

Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

Commercial Bowl 2017
The social media world has been buzzing about who should win the title of best super bowl ad. See the results here.

Snapchat Facts
If you love the ever growing Snapchat app, then you may want to take a look at these 20 crazy and interesting things we learned about the company.

Parents and Social Media
“No one needs a little extra efficiency in their lives quite like someone who’s raising children.” Study shows that millenial parents have been the earliest tech adopters.

Just For Fun
A teacher and his students go viral when they upload a video of their morning routine.  You don’t want to miss this one.

Valentine’s Day Marketing
Check out these 4 ways to boost your Valentine’s Day Marketing effort on Twitter.


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