The Social Scoop

vogue magazine and the new york times next to a hot cup of coffeeWelcome to the Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest…

Insta Relevant
Instagram is replacing the reverse chronological timeline with an algorithm that will show posts based on relevance. Here’s what you need to know to keep your own posts on the grid.

Promote Your Pins
Pinterest recently opened the Pinterest Ads Manager to small and medium size businesses. Advertising on Pinterest is taken to a whole new level through the simple steps to promote your business.

Targeted Marketing Through Facebook
Follow these simple steps towards maximizing audience reach and engagement with posts on your business’s Facebook page. It’s all about the targeted demographic and what their interests are.

New iPad Upgrades
Check out this article about the new iPad coming out. Learn about all the new upgrades that will be featured on this new device.

Viral Media Birthday Wish
This 98 year old man’s picture went viral on Facebook for a post by his granddaughters betting that he couldn’t get 98 likes on his post. He showed them!


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