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Welcome to the Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week.
Here’s the latest…

Messenger for Businesses
Facebook recently updated their Messenger app to include businesses in the platform. This allows businesses to communicate with customers through bots.

Graphics for Likes
Graphic designer Philip Hodas gives insight to creating unique, inspirational images for his social media accounts. Is this the new road to success on social media?

Vine Watch
Vine recently updated the way to watch videos. Rather than automatically looping through videos countless times, you’ll have to press and hold a “watch” button to view each post.

All of Your Answers to the Algorithms
It’s no doubt that the new algorithm updates with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are confusing. Here are you answers for how it really works.

Kobe Bryant, in his last farewell game, scored a total of 60 points for the Lakers. Twitter was flooded by a mass of tweets congratulating Kobe on his final performance.


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