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Welcome to The Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each month. Here’s the latest social media marketing news…

The OG Facebook
Remember when Facebook was just for select universities? Well it looks like they haven’t forgotten where they came from. Facebook recently launched Facebook Campus, a space for college students to connect with each other, which is crucial in today’s remote learning environment.

Shop Pinterest
Dreams do come true! Bring your favorite Pins into your home (and your goods into your customer’s digs) with Pinterest’s newly released shopping tools. Their goal is to make every Pin shoppable and we’re totally on board!

Keeping it Classy
LinkedIn is increasing user protection by adding a few new features, such as warning people about inappropriate messages, and more communication when reporting unprofessional content. They’re aiming for continued respect, professionalism, and transparency.

Video Killed the Radio Star
It’s time to get in front of the camera. Videos are fast becoming the go-to tool for sharing content across social media platforms. Some perks: many people find talking easier than typing which makes creating video content ideal, and your audience will feel more connected to you since they get to see your sparkling personality in real time.

Snapchat is making voter registration super easy. Released in August and getting more use by the day, Snapchat’s in-app voting tools are geared towards their younger base. Voters, especially first-time voters, can easily become informed on the issues and candidates, and even register to vote!


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