The Social Scoop

Social Scoop

Welcome to the Social Scoop, a series that shares what’s happening in the marketing world each week. Here’s the latest…

The Secret to SEO
Learn the ins and outs for promoting social media posts to improve your SEO.

The Power of #TBT
#TBT is no longer just used for nostalgic childhood pictures. Throwback Thursday is making it’s way towards an effective marketing strategy.

Increase Pinterest Reach
With Pinterest as fast growing marketing tool, follow these guidelines to increase the visibility of your pins.

Steer Clear of Copyright Infringement
Using social media to market for your business can be tricky when it comes to copyright rules. Brush up on these 5 tips to avoid any sticky situations.

“Social” Fitness
Former Twitter CEO is creating a platform to make fitness fun and engaging for everyone.

The Only “Like” That Matters
Dove’s campaign to better self-esteem encourages women to “like” themselves before seeking out the “likes” of others on social media.


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